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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Warminster Civic Centre

Contact: Jessica Croman 

Note No. Item



Chairman's Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman will welcome those present to the meeting.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Warminster Area Board and invited members of the board to introduce themselves.


Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies.



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 3 November 2016 (copy attached).

Supporting documents:




The minutes of the previous meeting held on the 3 November 2016 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.


Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman will introduce the Announcements included in the agenda and invite any questions.


·       Warminster Health and Wellbeing Fair Friday 31 March 1.30pm – an event hosted by the Health and Wellbeing group of the Warminster Area Board.  Exhibitions, displays, information and advice will be available on the day from a range of Health and Wellbeing providers. There will also be an opportunity for the providers to spend time networking. The aim is to improve knowledge and uptake in Warminster and the villages of the wide range of health and wellbeing support available and for providers to better co-ordinate their services.


·       Rural Crime Partnership for Wiltshire and Swindon

Supporting documents:


The Chairman referred to the announcements within the agenda pack:


·       Warminster Health and Wellbeing Fair – Friday 31 March, 1.30pm

·       Rural Crime Partnership for Wiltshire and Swindon

·       Army Rebasing


Updates from Partners

To receive updates from any of the following partners:

Ø  Wiltshire Police

Ø  Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

Ø  Warminster and Villages Community Partnership

Ø  Town and Parish Councils Nominated Representatives


Some written updates have been received and are included in this agenda.

Supporting documents:


Some written updates had been received before the meeting and were included in the agenda.




An updated police report for January 2017 was handed out at the meeting.


Inspector James Brain referred to the report highlighting the key points as:


·       Improving the 101 system – It was noted that actions were being taken to improve the 101 system. Efforts had been made to improve the service, quality and to reduce call waiting times.


·       Local Update – It was noted that during December 2016, there had been a reduction in criminal damage in the Warminster area. In an effort to reduce purse thefts in Warminster Town, PCSO’s had been handing out key chains and raising awareness of the issue and offered preventative advice. On another matter, Inspector Brain encouraged those present to remain vigilant due to neighbouring towns seeing a rise in burglaries.


·       Arson – a recent arson attack on the Avenue School, which was still being investigated, was briefly mentioned.  


·       An update was given on vehicle burglaries which had mostly occurred in the rural areas. It was noted that there had been a drop in the number of thefts and investigations were ongoing. Most of the cars that had been targeted had visible items inside. Those present were encouraged to never leave items on display in their vehicles.


·       It was noted that the current Warminster area Community Policing Coordinator, Charly Chilton, would start her maternity leave at the end of January and Amy Hardman would cover the leave period.


Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service


District Commander Jason Moncrieff, gave an update on behalf of the fire service in Warminster. It was noted that the hours between 0700 to 1800 weekdays and 1800 Friday to 1800 Sunday remained difficult hours for on call cover. Recruitment had taken place but it would take some time before the new recruits would be able to use the equipment.


Those present were also reminded to sweep chimneys to prevent fires.


Warminster Town Council


It was noted that 4 Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) were currently unavailable and in for repairs, including the Upper Deverills SID. It was hoped that all SIDs would be available in February. It was noted that Upper Deverills, the AB and surrounding areas were keen for the SIDs to be back in action as soon as possible.

The Chairman thanked everyone for their updates.


Neighbourhood Task group

To receive a presentation from Cllr Pip Ridout.




Mike Davidson, Chair of the Association and Community Coordinator, gave a presentation on the Neighbourhood Task Group’s (NTG) revised structure, arrangements and draft objectives. It was noted that the NTG was working in partnership with the community policing team to combine the town and rural meetings into one group which would work with partners, residents and town and parish councils to identify local priorities and tackle problems. It was emphasised that for the NTG to be successful for communities, full representation was required from town and parish councils and partners.  


The next meeting of the NTG would take place on the 7th March.


Safe & Well Visits

To receive a presentation from Natasha Viljoen, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service, to talk about Safe and Well visits.


Natasha Viljoen, Safe and Well advisor from Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service, gave a presentation on Safe and Well visits.


A Safe and Well visit is a free visit that normally last about one hour covering topics such as:


         Using electricity safely

         Cooking safely

         Making an escape plan

         What to do if there is a fire

         Keeping children safe

         Good practice – night time routine and other points relevant to you

         Identifying and discussing any further support you may need if necessary


Residents with a thatch property, those living alone, those with a young family, those over 65, or if anyone knew someone with mobility, sight and hearing impairments or a smoker were encouraged to get in contact with the advisors.


Visits could be booked through the following link: http://www.dwfire.org.uk/news/new-name-new-contact-details-same-service/ 


Questions asked included topics such as; trips and falls, supplying the relevant emergency numbers, and who to contact first about the service.


It was noted that those at risk of trips and falls were encouraged to contact the service as they are able to help and identify potential risks in the home; currently the service does not check if those they visit have the relevant numbers but is something they would take away and look to incorporate into their visits; and the first point of contact could be found on the leaflets that were handed out at the meeting.


The Chairman thanked Natasha for the presentation.


Our Community Matters (Joint Strategic Assessment) Event 22 November

To receive a report and results from the event.

Supporting documents:



Jacqui Abbott, Community Engagement Manager, went through the information included in the agenda pack and thanked all those that attended the event.


Comments from the meeting included: ensuring projects are not duplicated as some community projects were already in progress under different titles and the need to narrow down the projects to tackle the priorities, 


Feedback from those who attended the event was that they found it very useful, they felt listened to and somewhere they could air their ideas.




To thank all those that attended the Our Community Matters event.


To note the report and ask the CEM to report to a future meeting, identifying the specific priorities the Area Board might wish to agree.


Police & Crime Commissioner Precept Consultation

A video updating on OPCC priorities and precept proposals for 2017/18.


A video on the Police and Crime Commissioners precept consultation was played. It was noted that the consultation deadline was the 27 January 2017.


Local Youth Network Update and Youth Activities Grant Applications

i.              Update

ii.            Grants

Supporting documents:


The LYN report contained within the agenda was referred to and it was;




Wylye Coyotes Afterschool was awarded £825.00 for Green Light Outdoor



Wylye Coyotes Afterschool was awarded £4592.50 for The Other Club Year 2.


Kingdown School was awarded £ 4900.00 for an Eco-Marathon Project and British Student Karting Project.


Health & Wellbeing Group

i.                 Update Report

ii.                Expenditure Request

Supporting documents:


Jacqui Abbott, Community Engagement Manager, referred to the report contained within the agenda pack. It was noted that the group had made good progress and the Champions had done some fantastic work.




1.     To thank all those involved and to congratulate the Chairman Stephanie Stephens on her appointment.


2.     To note the report



3.     To grant the Health, Wellbeing and Social care Steering Group £1950.00 to provide information and signposting. 


Warminster Regeneration Working Group

To receive an update.


The working group were still waiting for potential proposals from developers.


Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

To receive the notes from 6 December meeting including proposed expenditure.

Supporting documents:


The CATG minutes were referred to and it was;




1.     To grant priority 1 scheme D £ 5250.00.


2.     To approve priority 1 scheme E for ad hoc lining works in the Warminster area.


3.     To note the next meeting of the CATG on the 29 March 2017.


Area Board Funding - Community Area Grants

To consider applications for funding from the Community Area Grants Scheme.

Supporting documents:


The area board considered the following applications seeking 2016/17

Community Area Grant funding:


It was noted that the AB still had a considerable budget to award as grants which groups may not be aware of. The CEM agreed to email local groups and parishes to inform them.




To grant Warminster Town Council £5000.00 for work in the Warminster town park subject to awarding limitations.


Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


The Wiltshire Council Legacy video was played which gave an overview of the legacy events held across Wiltshire over the last 4 years.



Future Meeting Dates

The next meetings of the Warminster Area Board will be on:


·       2 March 2017 – Warminster Civic Centre - Please note the earlier start time of 3.30pm


·       20 April 2017 – Warminster Civic Centre



The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting.


It was noted that the next Warminster Area Board meeting would take place on the 2 March 2017, 3pm at the Warminster Civic centre.




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