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Co-opted members of the council

The Council values input from professionals when considering issues that relate to services provided to the people of Wiltshire. To be able to obtain as much input as possible the Council appoints co-opted members to a number of its bodies, both decision-making, and consultative.

Co-opted members can be seen throughout the Council's decision-making structure in a number of different ways.

Co-opted members

General co-opted members are people who are chosen by the appropriate body to represent a specific area of interest or issue of consideration. These representatives are not elected members of the Council, and are appointed because of their level of knowledge and experience, such as headteachers, diocesan representatives. These co-opted members make a very useful contribution to discussions and help make the correct decisions in relation to important matters.

Parent governors

Parent governors are periodically elected to serve as parent governor representatives for the Council and play an important role within the decision-making process by representing schools on the Childrens' Services Scrutiny Committee .

Governors of Primary, Secondary and Special Needs Schools are appointed to fulfil this role. Election of parent governor representatives takes place every four years, with the next election scheduled to take place in February - April 2009. Nominations for vacant posts are invited at six monthly intervals.

Detailed information relating to school governors can be review on the school governors service page.




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