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Members' Allowances

Wiltshire Council pays a basic allowance to each councillor and a number of other allowances, which depend on the responsibilities and activities of each individual. See below for 'Annual totals'.

Allowance Scheme

Full details of the Members’ Allowance Scheme, including the current levels of allowances are available in Part 13 of the Wiltshire Council Constitution. For more details please email committee@wiltshire.gov.uk.

The Basic Allowance

The basic allowance is intended to recognise the time commitment of all councillors, including such inevitable calls on their time as meeting with officers and constituents and attendance at political group meetings. It is also intended to cover incidental costs such as the use of their homes. Allowances are set following recommendations by the independent remuneration panel.

Other Allowances

Examples of further allowances are:
• a special responsibility allowance - paid to members of the cabinet, committee chairmen / deputy chairmen, the leader of the council and the leader of the opposition etc.
• travel and subsistence allowances
• dependant carers allowance
• co-optees allowance

Annual Totals

Members' Allowances for Council




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