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New Term Highways Maintenance Contract

Meeting: 11/01/2022 - Cabinet (Item 7)

7 New Term Highways Maintenance Contract

*                 Report of the Chief Executive.


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Councillor Dr Mark McClelland presented the report on the New Term Highways Maintenance Contract. Councillor McClelland discussed the need for arrangements to be put in place to ensure the routine maintenance operations could be continued when the current contract ends and the options available as detailed in the report.


It was recommended that a similar contract to the present contract be put in place, and to seek the necessary authority to begin that process. It was explained the new contract would need to take account of the council’s carbon neutrality targets, with climate change and social value relevant factors in the weighting process.


Councillor Pip Ridout, Chairman of the Financial Planning Task Group, explained that the Task Group had received an update from the Cabinet Member and Director, looking at length and value of any contract option and any tendering risks. The Task Group had sought reassurance about the continuation of the parish steward arrangements.


Councillor Ian Thorn sought details on the proposed extension process after five years of the new contract, once awarded, and it was confirmed the relevant Cabinet Member would be consulted on any proposed extension. Councillor Thorn also sought more details on how the contract would ensure partners who were confident in contributing to the council meeting its net zero and other commitments, and the weighting by price, quality, climate change and social value was explained, within legal procurement rules.


Councillor Sven Hocking asked a question relating to the tendering process and whether worthwhile potential contractors might be screened out, Councillor McClelland responded with assurances of it being expected there would be a competitive process.


Councillor Dr Brian Mathew asked a question relating to the decision-making process and a new ‘decision wheel’ to demonstrate environmental impacts. It was explained this was an approach used in other local authorities to ensure an overview from an environmental perspective.


Councillor Helen Belcher asked about the setting of carbon targets, and it was stated such a detail would be looked into when the contractor was being drawn up.


Councillor Tony Jackson asked a question about not ending up with a single contractor for all activities, with it stated that more specialist areas were not included and were already held by more than one company.


At the conclusion of discussion, it was,




That authority is delegated to the Director Highways & Environment, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste, Street Scene and Flooding, to:


(i)             Invite tenders in accordance with the Council’s procurement procedures, for a single supplier to provide Wiltshire’s Term Highways Maintenance Services for a duration of five years with the option to allow the service manager to extend the contract for up to five more years subject to performance from 1 April 2023.


(ii)            Report the results of the procurement exercise back to a future Cabinet when the tenders results are received, for Cabinet to consider the proposals for award of contract.


Reason for Decision:


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