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Issue - meetings

Homes 4 Wiltshire Service Review

Meeting: 20/04/2010 - Cabinet (Item 76)

76 Homes 4 Wiltshire Service Review

Report of the Service Director, Housing is circulated

Supporting documents:


Cllr Greenman presented a report which advised Cabinet on the outcome of the Homes 4 Wiltshire Service Review and sought endorsement of the resulting revisions to the Homes 4 Wiltshire Policy, details of which were presented.


The proposed policy changes and recommendations in the Action Plan presented had been drawn up following a review of the service, following consultation with partner landlords, stakeholders, service users and the general public. Cllr Greenman guided Councillors through the key areas of the Action Plan and answered questions.


It was noted that a refusal of an offer of housing would trigger a discussion between officers and applicant to review the housing need to ensure offers were appropriate. In terms of defining ‘reasonable’ in the context of refusing offers of housing, it was accepted that this was a matter for officers’ professional judgement having regard to prevailing circumstances.


Cllr Mayes requested a breakdown of the demographic of people housed under the Homes 4 Wiltshire scheme.




That Cabinet:


a)         approve the amended Homes 4 Wiltshire policy and agrees the implementation of the Action Plan and


b)        give delegated authority to the Corporate Director, Neighbourhood and Planning in consultation with the Cabinet member for Economic Development, Planning and Housing to make further amendments to Sections 6.7  and 6.8 of the Homes 4 Wiltshire policy if the Homes 4 Wiltshire Partnership decides that landlords should carry out the shortlisting function.


Reason for Decision


To enable amendments to the Homes 4 Wiltshire Policy, following an extensive consultation, which will enable Homes 4 Wiltshire to provide a better and more efficient service to customers and partners alike.




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