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Issue - meetings

A303 Stonehenge Improvement

Meeting: 15/03/2016 - Cabinet (Item 39)

39 A303: Stonehenge Improvement

Report by Carlton Brand, Corporate Director


Supporting documents:


Cllr Fleur De Rhé-Philipe, presented a report which explained the Development Consent Order (DCO) process, and to set out the main implications for the Council.


Issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: that the scheme was part of a programme of nationally significant schemes; that the Department for Transport was considering all the options; the length and complexity of the process; how the programme will be monitored with partners; the concerns of the public and the possibility of conflict; how the police will be involved in any planning; that it was hoped that the scheme would start in 2020; how heritage bodies had been consulted on the proposals; that possible positive and negative impacts of the proposals on local communities; the impact of the proposals on carbon reduction and air quality; and how local members and communities would be kept informed.




a)    To note the report


b)   To acknowledge the inevitable resource implications for the Council


c)    To acknowledge the need for strong governance arrangements


d)   To note that items b. and c. above will be the subject of future reports


Reasons for Decision:


To ensure that the Council’s role in the DCO process is properly discharged.






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