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Issue - meetings

Propsed development of Council owned land at Sadlers Mead, Chippenham

Meeting: 30/01/2018 - Cabinet (Item 181)

181 Proposed development of Council owned land at Sadlers Mead, Chippenham

 Report by Alistair Cunningham, Corporate Director

Supporting documents:


Councillor Toby Sturgis presented the report which sought approval for the proposed redevelopment of Sadlers Mead car park in Chippenham as Phase 2 of the Chippenham Station Hub scheme, including the options of disposing of the site to attract private investment.


Matters highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: where the proposals fit with the wider development scheme; that the scheme, overall, would result in more car parking spaces; and that the implications of additional traffic should be considered as part of the wider scheme.




i)           To approve the proposal for developing the Sadlers Mead car park at Chippenham.


ii)         To delegate authority to the Director Economic Development and Planning, in agreement with the Chief Finance Officer and the Head of Strategic Assets and Facilities Management with the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Housing and the Cabinet Member for Finance, Performance and Risk to oversee project development and delivery (including any disposals).


iii)        To delegate authority to the Corporate Director for Growth Investment and Place, in agreement with the Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, Arts, Heritage and Tourism, and the Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement, ICT and Operational Assets, to dispose of the asset.


Reasons for Decision:


To enable the development and delivery of Phase 2 of the LGF funded Chippenham Station Hub scheme, which in line with the masterplan, will provide high quality commercial office space and increased car parking at the site. To enable the Council to have detailed discussion with potential end users of the office development. To secure best value for the Council through the development opportunity created by the LGF funding.




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