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Committee details

Corporate Parenting Panel

Purpose of committee

The Corporate Parenting Panel will;


·           Make a commitment to prioritising the needs of looked after children and young people and their carers and demand that all departments within the Council prioritise the needs of this group


·           Receive reports from the Children in Care Council and act on their views


·           Provide clear strategic and political direction in relation to corporate parenting


·           Show ambition and aspirations for all looked after children and care leavers


·           Ensure that all councillors and Wiltshire Council departments are fulfilling their roles and responsibilities as corporate parents proactively. This may involve, for example, the Corporate Parenting Panel organising specific education and training events for all members to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be corporate parents


·           Investigate on behalf of all Councillors ways in which the role of Corporate Parenting can be improved, using examples of research and effective practice from other local authorities


·           Listen to the views of children, young people and their carers to involve them in the assessment and development of services


·           Engage with children and young people who are looked after, or have left care, by inviting them to act as advisers to the Panel


·           Monitor the performance, quality and outcomes of the Council’s services in relation to children and young people in public care and identify any areas for improvement


·           Scrutinise key performance indicators in relation to children and young people in the care of Wiltshire Council


·           Meet with government inspectors, where appropriate, for their input into inspections


·           Participate as members of the adoption and fostering panels


·           Agree a work plan, review progress, membership of the panel and attainment of its role and terms of reference and report to the Cabinet and Children’s Services Select Committee as appropriate, and in any case to the Full Council annually.


Contact information

Support officer: Lisa Pullin. Democratic Services Officer

Phone: 01225 713015

Email: lisa.pullin@wiltshire.gov.uk




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