From: Middleton, Joanne
Sent: 29 January 2010 13:10
To: Packer, Wendy
Subject: FW: Waste Site Allocations

Attachments: Memo - Waste Site Allocations DPD.doc

Hi Wendy


Laurie has asked me to ask the spatial planning team to include something in this week’s elected wire to help explain the briefing note 26 that went out to councillors. Geoff Winslow has sent the attached and Marie suggested I let you know.


Is this ok?




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From: Winslow, Geoff
Sent: 29 January 2010 10:56
To: Middleton, Joanne
Cc: Manning, Jonathan
Subject: Waste Site Allocations


Hi Jo


As discussed, here's a brief statement (see attached) on what we are doing in respect of building the Waste Site Allocations document.  By way of context...


We work jointly with Swindon Borough Council on the preparation of policy documents in respect of minerals and waste.  Over the last 4 years, we have prepared and adopted a series of policy documents on these themes and are currently working on detailed proposals for new waste and aggregate mineral sites.


Back in 2006, we published a draft Waste Site Allocations document which identified a range of potential sites and uses.  Since then, we have been re-appraising / refreshing the list of sites with the aim of re-publishing the draft list of proposals for a further round of informal consultation.


We published our document this week and are inviting comments over a 6-week period (closing date 17th March 2010).


The next stages of work will involve:

These discreet phases of work represent the process we are engaged with.  We are currently at the very early stages of plan making and hence the proposed sites and range of uses may well change as a result of consultation comments and the further detailed assessment work the councils are currently undertaking.


I hope this helps frame the statement I've attached.







Geoff Winslow

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