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Issue - meetings

Capital Monitoring Report

Meeting: 18/01/2012 - Cabinet Capital Assets Committee (Item 6)

6 Capital Allocation and Monitoring

To consider the attached report of the Chief Finance Officer.


Supporting documents:


The Director of Finance introduced the report, which set out the position of the 2011/12 Capital Programme as at 30 November 2011.  The report also detailed changes to the budget such as reprogramming of schemes.


Officers were asked to clarify the figures on page 45 which showed an overspend on Highways, Winter Fleet and Street Cleaning Vehicles, with an actual spend of £0.676 million, against a budget of £0.277 million.




a.    To note the current position of the Capital Programme 2011/12 at Period 8 as set out in Appendix A.


b.    To note the total budget increases of £0.528 million and the £0.620 million reprogramming of spend between 2011/12 and 2012/13.


c.    To recommend to Council, via Cabinet, the approval of £0.085 million of additional budget for E-recruitment Software to be funded from general capital receipts.


Reasons for Decision


To inform the Cabinet (Capital Assets) Committee of the current position of the 2011/12 Capital Programme and to highlight changes in the Capital Programme.





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