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Issue - meetings

Trowbridge Town Hall

Meeting: 21/03/2012 - Cabinet Capital Assets Committee (Item 16)

16 Trowbridge Town Hall

To consider the attached report of the Corporate Director (Transformation and Resources).


Supporting documents:


Neil Ward, Head of Strategic Property Services, introduced the report which outlined a proposal developed by Trowbridge Town Hall Group for the future transfer of Trowbridge Town Hall, as outlined in the proposal set out at Appendix A to the report.  The report had been presented to the Trowbridge Area Board on 15 March, where the proposals had received unanimous support.


Neil introduced Tracy Sullivan and Ian Walker, who were presented as representatives of the Trowbridge Town Hall Group.  Tracy set out some of the next steps in the project, and it was hoped that a further update could be provided in September with clearer timescales.


Officers undertook to work with the Group with regard to permitting out of hours access to the building while work continued to secure funding sources.




The Cabinet (Capital Assets) Committee:


1.    Notes the proposal made by the Trowbridge Town Hall Group, and approves investigation of potential funding opportunities in line with the approach set out in paragraphs 8 and 9 of the report, acknowledging the unfunded revenue pressure this will place on the transformation property revenue budget, as identified in the body of this report.


2.    Requests a further report on progress later in 2012, to evaluate the way in which the Group’s proposals have developed, and to confirm the commitment to maintaining the property vacant for a further period of time. 


Reason for Decision


To fully explore a long term, sustainable future for a key community asset.


To support the ambitions of the Trowbridge community to bring a locally significant asset back into public use.


To responsibly dispose of a building which is surplus to Council needs, and inefficient to maintain and run without significant investment.





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