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Issue - meetings

CSE Action Plan Update

Meeting: 19/07/2016 - Cabinet (Item 89)

89 CSE Action Plan Update

Report by Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Laura Mayes presented the report which provided Cabinet with a review of the Council’s CSE Action Plan with specific reference to the Wiltshire App and Website, as agreed at 15 March 2016 Cabinet meeting.


In giving her presentation, Councillor Mayes highlighted the work done in the community and schools to raise awareness; the training provided to staff; the additional resources being deployed and effective partnership working ongoing to address the issue.


In response to a matter raised by Cabinet at the previous meeting, Councillor Mayes stated that some work had been undertaken to establish whether it was feasible to use the my Wiltshire App in this area. It had been decided that it was not the best use of technology but that officers had been investigating how the council’s website could be best used. It was noted that the next update would be reported to Cabinet in a year.


At the invitation of the Deputy Leader, Councillor Jacqui Lay gave an update on the work of the CSE Task Group. She stated that she was happy with the way the Task Group had worked with the officers; that the Task Group’s work would be focused on prevention; and that their report was planned to be completed in the Autumn.




That Cabinet notes progress on the Council’s CSE Action Plan with specific reference to the Wiltshire App and Website, as agreed in 15 March 2016 Cabinet meeting.


Reason for Decision


In March 2015 the government announced that the sexual abuse of children is a National Threat.


Monitoring of the plan’s implementation needs to be at the most senior level to ensure that actions are effective in protecting and supporting children.




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