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Extension of DCS0518 Call Centre and Response Services (Telecare)

Meeting: 19/07/2016 - Cabinet (Item 96)

96 Extension of DCS0518 Call Centre and Response Services (Telecare)

 Report by Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Jerry Wickham presented the report which set out a proposal for the consideration of the Cabinet regarding the extension of the Call Centre and Response Service (Telecare) with Medvivo for the period of one year, noting that the report was required in advance of procurement activity to utilise the extension provisioned within the current contract.




1.    That the current Call Centre and Response (Telecare) contract with Medvivo is extended for one year as provisioned for within current contract arrangements.


2.    That the Assistant Director for Adult Social Care, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Health (including Public Health) and Adult Care, is asked to establish savings and efficiencies arising from joint working with providers, and to further develop the use of telecare in Wiltshire.


Reason for Decision


The core reasons for extending the contract on a short term basis are:


·        Significant CCG contracts with Medvivo are due to expire in January 2018.  There may be opportunity to integrate contracts and services more fully with the CCG at this time providing closer integrated working opportunities whilst potentially providing overall efficiencies; a longer term extension and/or re commissioning process would prohibit this opportunity.


·        Telecare remains an area of significant potential and growth.  Medvivo are a positive partner, keen to explore the future use of telecare in Wiltshire.


·        Commissioners feel that there are operational opportunities to explore with the current provider over the next twelve months and a 12 month action plan is currently being developed.  It is anticipated that this work will informing the future recommissioning of an efficient and effective telecare service in Wiltshire.


·        Medvivo continue to have the expertise and experience to provide telecare services in Wiltshire and to meet any increase in demand.  It also continues to have the ability to link this social care service with its provision of health service out of hours response for the benefit of customers.


·        The provision of urgent care domiciliary is intrinsically linked with the response service and any changes to provider at this time could impact on that services viability.


The one year extension would be utilised by commissioners from both Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire CCG to inform a comprehensive re tender process for this service, aligned to other services currently provided by Medvivo.




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