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Issue - meetings

Hampton Park Country Park

Meeting: 13/09/2016 - Cabinet Capital Assets Committee (Item 52)

Hampton Park Country Park (Part ii)

 Report by Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Toby Sturgis presented the report which asked the Committee to confirm whether the council wanted to nominate Laverstock and Ford Parish Council as nominee for the Hampton Park Country Park; and to confirm the approach the council wishes to take in respect of negotiations with the developer in respect of the section 106.


In response to a question raised by Cllr Ian McLennan, Councillor Sturgis agreed that he would instruct officers to write to clarify the process by which agreements would be enforced.




1.    To confirm their support for Laverstock and Ford Parish Council’s desire to own, deliver and maintain the Hampton Park Country Park and make them the council’s nominee.


2.    To confirm their support to enter into a new s106 agreement with the developer and make Laverstock and Ford Parish Council party to that agreement. 


3.    To confirm their support for approaching the negotiations on the basis that land and funds are transferred directly between the developer and Laverstock and Ford Parish Council, with Wiltshire Council taking no intermediary role in terms of land ownership or financial risk.


4.    To delegate to the Associate Director for People and Business the ability to enter into and complete s106 negotiations with the developer and Laverstock and Ford Parish Council on the terms described above.  In particular ensuring legal agreement to transfer all current and future risk, including financial, to Laverstock and Ford Parish Council. If this cannot be reached then the development by the Council or Nominee will not progressed or be supported.





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