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Issue - meetings

Boscombe Down (Part II Report)

Meeting: 12/12/2017 - Cabinet (Item 169)

Boscombe Down

 Report by Alistair Cunningham, Corporate Director

Supporting documents:


The Leader presented the report, for Cabinet’s consideration and determination, which was exempt from publication.




That Cabinet approves the recommendations contained in the report presented.


Reason for Decision:


In order to secure the opportunity for major inward investment at Boscombe Down, an initial investment to deliver the required public infrastructure needs to be made. It is intended to recover the council’s development costs through its application to government to fund the implementation of the scheme.


If successful, the Programme will enable an initial private sector investment in  excess of £150 million, the creation of upwards of 5,000 jobs to 2025, major supply chain opportunities in the local and regional economy, implementation of new skills provision, and significant housing growth. It will also improve local transport infrastructure by resolving a longstanding hazardous junction onto the A303.




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