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Issue - meetings

Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Qtr 1 2018/2019

Meeting: 25/09/2018 - Cabinet (Item 277)

277 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Qtr 1 2018/2019

Report by Corporate Director Dr Carlton Brand.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Philip Whitehead presented the report which advised the Cabinet of: the revenue and capital budget monitoring positions as at the end of period 4 (31 July 2018) for the financial year 2018/19 with suggested actions as appropriate; and the position of the 2018/19 capital programme, as at period

4 (31 July 2018), including budget changes.


Matters highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: comments about the general fund variance forecast of £2,558m if no further action was taken; the significant impact on senior capacity within the Council of the Salisbury incident; additional grant income from business rates; the difficulty in forecasting so early in the year given the short period of activity in services, particularly demonstrated with demand led services such as Children, Adults and Waste; recognition by the Corporate Leadership Team of the need to bring expenditure in line with the approved budget was a major priority; and changes to the Capital budget and the reprogramming of £9.520m between 2018/19 and 2019/20.    


Cllr Ian Thorn, Chairman Financial Planning Task Group thanked Councillor Whitehead for meeting with the task group and referred to: the latest assessment on the deliverability of savings summarised in the report and welcomed Councillor Whitehead’s confidence about how the savings would be achieved; and the receipt of higher than expected general Government Grants, particularly in respect of £7.2m from business rates. 


Councillor Whitehead, in referring to the financial restrictions, explained that although officers made difficult decisions, there were opportunities and managing the council’s budget in a positive way was key.  




i)             To note the outcome of the period 4 (end of July) budget monitoring and to approve all revenue budget amendments outlined in the report in appendix B.


ii)            To reinforce the need for expenditure to be contained within the budget agreed in February 2018.


iii)          To note:


a.    the budget movements undertaken to the capital programme shown in appendices E and F of the report; and

b.    the reprogramming of £9.520 million capital budget between 2018/19 and 2019/20.


Reason for Decision:


To inform effective decision making and ensure a sound financial control environment.



To inform Cabinet of the position of the 2018/19 capital programme as at Period 4 (31July 2018), including highlighting any budget changes.




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