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Agenda and minutes

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Contact: Roger Bishton  (Senior Democratic Services Officer)

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Membership Changes, Election of Chairman & Apologies

(a)          Membership Changes   To note that at its meeting on 26 February 2019, Council removed Cllr Chuck Berry from membership of the Health Select Committee and added Cllr Tom Rounds to its membership.   Furthermore, Council added Cllr Mike Hewitt as a substitute member of this Select Committee.


(b)          Election of Chairman  To elect a Chairman for the remainder of the current municipal year.


(c)          Apologies To receive any apologies or substitutions for the meeting.



Membership Changes  


Jim Brewster, Democratic Services Officer, asked the Committee to note the following changes to membership of Health Select Committee; Cllr Chuck Berry leaves, Cllr Tom Rounds joins and Cllr Mike Hewitt joins as a substitute.


Election of Chairman 


Jim Brewster, Democratic Services Officer, called for nominations to the position of Chair of Health Select Committee for the remainder of the municipal year 2019-20.


Cllr Graham Wright proposed Cllr Howard Greenman to be appointed Chair of Health Select Committee, Cllr Pip Ridout seconded the proposal.


There being no other valid nominations, Cllr Howard Greenman was duly announced as Chair of Health Select Committee for the remainder of the municipal year 2019-20.




Apologies were received from Cllr Christine Crisp.



Minutes of the Previous Meeting

To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 18 December 2018.

Supporting documents:




The minutes of the meeting held on 18 December 2018 were approved.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.


There were no declarations of interest.


Chairman's Announcements

To note any announcements through the Chairman, including:

Supporting documents:


Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Action Plan


The Chair announced an update on the CQC’s Action Plan that was presented to Health and Wellbeing Board on 7 February 2019.  


The report and delivery plan was a response to the CQC’s Local Systems Review that seeks to improve the experiences of people engaging with health and social care services.


The Chair noted the strength and breadth of progress represented by the report.


Overview and Scrutiny workshop - Effective Scrutiny meetings


The Chair announced that members had benefitted from the delivery of the workshop, ‘Effective Overview and Scrutiny meetings’, held in October.


Quality Accounts


The Chair announced that annual requests from partners to review their Quality Accounts were to be expected shortly.   The Committee would be asked to consider how best to manage these requests when reviewing its forward work plan.


Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman update


The Chair brought the Committee’s attention to the latest update on the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman Report that had been taken to Standards Committee on 23 January 2019.


Public Health - Annual Report


The Chair announced that the 2018-19 Annual Report of Public Health would be a video instead of a written report.   The video would be shared with the Committee when it was available.


Public Participation


There were no members of the public present.


Adult Social Care - Quarterly scorecard

As its 11 September 2018 meeting the Health Select Committee resolved to receive quarterly performance scorecards.


The attached report details progress towards the development of a quarterly adult social care scorecard which will show current service performance against an agreed set of objectives and targets which will be linked through service plans to the Councils Business Plan.


Adult social care service is developing a performance scorecard which takes into account all the statutory indicators that the service has to report on, but that will allow the service to define 50 KPIs which can be represented graphically and provide members with an easy to view indicator of the service performance linked to the Council’s Business Plan.


It should be noted that the attached report is an update on the development of that scorecard and not the completed product.




Supporting documents:


It was anticipated that the use of the scorecards would be key to engendering a stronger, evidence-based performance culture.


The committee was informed that work was taking place on identifying key metrics that gave an overall perspective on service outputs and inputs.


The aim was to develop a set of metrics that drive the business plan and inform practice to the level of individual appraisals, thereby enabling portfolio holders and directors to execute their responsibility to hold services to account.   The metrics used would be refined on an ongoing basis.  


The discussion noted the value of the scorecard’s metrics, presentation and legibility. 


Members of the committee sought, and were offered reassurance that consideration would be given to using at least two data-points for each metric to ensure context and/or relevant comparison and that triangulation and benchmarking would be undertaken where possible.  


Overall the committee welcomed a process that clarified the value of, and distinction between, performance measures about outputs and managerial metrics about inputs but raised concern over the work required to report on 50 key performance indicators.


Reassurance was offered, and it was explained that Adult Social Care produced over 400 metrics and that this set of 50 was an initial assessment of the most significant key performance indicators.




To consider the Key Performance Indicators and Adult Social Care Quality Scorecard at a pre-committee briefing (likely to be 25 June 2019).


To invite the Cabinet member to consider the following with regards to the scorecards:


a.    using more than 2 data points to inform the scorecards (to highlight trends);


b.    including national comparison on monitoring figures;


c.    showing the “strategic weight” of the Key Performance Indicators (how do they link with the council’s business plan and / or priorities)


d.    reviewing the KPIs themselves on a regular basis, such as every 6 months



Places of safety - update

When the committee was informed of the proposals with regards to Places of Safety at its 6 March 2018 meeting it was agreed that the committee would receive the evaluation of the service, led by the CCG and involving service users, in December 2018.


Feedback to consider the impact the temporary closure was having on the populations of Swindon and Wiltshire and individuals using the service was being collected by providers, commissioners and Healthwatch.


The consultation work was still ongoing at the time of the Health Select Committee in December and it was therefore agreed that this would come to the committee at its March 2019 meeting.




Lucy Baker, assured the Committee that the current pilot would continue whilst its impact was being evaluated.   The report was due to be released towards the end of April and would be brought to committee when available.




That, at the earliest opportunity (pending release by NHS England), the committee receives the analysis of the feedback on the impact the temporary closure was having on the populations of Swindon and Wiltshire and individuals using the service.



Maternity Transformation Plan - update

To receive an  update on the public consultation on the Maternity Transformation Plan.


At its 18 December 2018 the Health Select Committee considered the outcome of the Rapid Scrutiny on this topic, as well as an update on the, a the time, on-going public consultation and a representation from a member of the public.


Lucy Baker, updated the Committee on the consultation on Maternity Transformation Plan, which had received 1,700 responses.   This was a higher number of responses than anticipated and, whilst good news, meant that the University of Bath, which had been commissioned to analyse the results, now required more time to do so. These results would then be presented to a panel of clinicians (not previously involved with the consultation or proposal) who would make recommendations.


Cllrs congratulated all those involved on a successful consultation and commended the efforts made to increase public engagement.




To consider the outcome of the public consultation and the findings of the panel of clinicians on the Maternity Transformation Plan at the meeting on 25 June 2019.



Proposed Relocation of the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases' Bath Centre

To consider the attached briefing on the Proposed Relocation of the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases’ Bath Centre for Pain Services, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Complex Cancer Late Effects Rehabilitation Services to the RUH’s Combe Park site.

Supporting documents:


Sarah MacLennan introduced the briefing note that had been circulated with the agenda.


The committee noted national news coverage of complex pain services, the unfortunately low response rate to the consultation and highlighted local issues of parking and access at the proposed building.




To note the briefing on the proposed Relocation of the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases' Bath Centre.


To receive an update (as a chairman’s announcement) to confirm when the service does move to the Combe Park site.



Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services task group

Supporting documents:


The committee considered the executive response included with the agenda as well as the comments made by the Children’s Select Committee.


It was noted that recommendation 2.b had been rejected and, although the reasons for this were understood, the committee sought reassurance, which was given, that the outcome of the research on good practice for transitions would be brought back to the committee when available.


The committee was informed of a positive development since the report had been published as the national planning guidance (10 year plan for health) had now been published and required pathways for all 16 to 25 year olds to be in place by 2023, which meant that Oxford Health (providing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in Wiltshire) and Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (providing Mental Health support for adults in Wiltshire) would now be working closer together.  The council and CCG were already working on this and hoping to co-produce the pathway during 2020 and were hoping to be able to present on this towards the end of 2020.




To note the comments and resolutions from the Children’s Select Committee meeting on 8 January 2018.


To note the executive response to the Final Report – Part One of the CAMHS Task Group.


To welcome further updates from the CAMHS task group when it resumes its work from September 2019.


To receive the joint report (CCG and Wiltshire Council) on Mental Health as soon as available, it was currently anticipated to be presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board in June / July 2019.



Executive response - Extension of Specialist Commissioning Contracts for Supported Living, Floating Support and Supported Housing - report

To consider the Executive Response to the Rapid Scrutiny’s report on Extension of Specialist Commissioning Contracts for Supported Living, Floating Support and Supported Housing (report to follow).

Supporting documents:


The committee was reminded of the rapid scrutiny exercise which had taken place at the Cabinet Member’s request as the meeting patterns for Cabinet and Health Select Committee meant that it could not be considered by Health Select Committee before a decision was required from Cabinet.


The value of both the outcomes and the process of rapid scrutiny exercises were emphasised for situations like this, although every effort would be made to bring information to committee ahead of Cabinet’s decisions.




To note the executive response.


To be provided with an update on the model for procurement that would be adopted following this review work, in terms of the “direction of travel” for the contracts, including the feedback from providers and service users and if possible highlighting the main changes from previous contracts at the earliest opportunity.


To receive, through the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, brief factual updates, limited to confirming when key milestones have been reached, as anything else would fall outside the normal procurement process, for the following:


  1. Timely and effective customer, families, professionals and provider consultation (co-production)


  1. Accommodation review to be completed


  1. Co-production to develop service specifications for each service – replacing existing specifications, many of which are outdated and no longer fit for purpose.


  1. Reviewing of funding models that are both appropriate and affordable for Wiltshire Council to ensure a sustainable provider market.



Executive response - Rapid Scrutiny Exercise: Extension of Intermediate Care Bed Service contracts for 2019-2020 - report

To consider the Executive Response to the Rapid Scrutiny’s report on Extension of Intermediate Care Bed Service contracts for 2019-2020 (report to follow).

Supporting documents:


As per the previous item in these minutes, the committee was reminded of the reasons for this rapid scrutiny exercise.




To note the executive response.


To receive the outcome of the review of Intermediate Care Bed Service at the earliest opportunity.


Task Group and Programme Boards Representatives Updates

To receive any updates on recent activity for active task groups and from members of the Health Select Committee who have been appointed as overview and scrutiny representatives on programme boards.



Cllr Jerry Wickham updated the Committee on Phase 2 of the Adult Social Care transformation programme that addressed learning disability and mental health.  Confidence that work was moving the right direction was expressed, whilst it was recognised that more time was necessary to ensure the same rigour and discipline in programme management as had been applied to Phase 1. 



Forward Work Programme

The Committee is asked to consider the work programme.


As mentioned in the chairman’s announcements the committee is also invited to consider how it wishes to engage with Quality Accounts this year and to consider whether there are areas from the CQC action plan which would benefit from further scrutiny.


Members of the committee are also invited to suggest any potential area of work for the committee.

Supporting documents:


Following on from the chairman’s announcement earlier in the meeting, the committee considered how it wished to deal with Quality Accounts this year.


Members of the committee fed-back from the workshop on gathering evidence they had attended on 28 February and invited the committee to review when and how it considered its forward work programme to ensure doing so generated a dynamic approach to the Committee’s work.


Members of the committee also raised their concern about the length of time since the committee had received information from the South Wiltshire Ambulance Service Trust with regards to response time in rural areas and the current estate review being undertaken by the trust (which was likely to result in the closure of some local ambulance stations).


Following these discussions, it was




To include the Forward Work Programme much earlier on the agenda (then refer to it throughout the meeting as consideration is given to items, information or reports being presented to future meetings).


That a small group of members of the Health Select Committee would meet to consider the Quality Accounts. Their findings would be circulated to the committee prior to the responses being sent to the relevant bodies.

Cllr Gordon King, Cllr Clare Cape, Cllr Fred Westmoreland and Diane Gooch volunteered to undertake this work.


To invite SWAST to present to the HSC on 30 April on the following:


a.    Progress to date and planned activities in the Trust’s estate review –  including outcomes of the 2015/16 audit focusing on impact on Wiltshire, including Amesbury ambulance station.


b.    Update on service delivery in terms of performance, projects and activity (last received in September 2017), including work planned for 2019/20


c.    Response times, especially in rural areas



Date of Next Meeting

To confirm the date of the next meeting as Tuesday 30 April 2019, starting at 2.30pm.


To confirm the date of the next meeting as Tuesday 30 April 2019, starting at 2.30pm.


Urgent Items

To consider any other items of business that the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.




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