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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Online Meeting

Contact: Lisa Moore  (Democratic Services Officer)


Note No. Item



Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman, Cllr Atiqul Hoque, welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Salisbury Area Board and invited the members of the Board to introduce themselves.



Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies.




To confirm the minutes of the meeting held online on Thursday 21 January 2021.

Supporting documents:


The Board noted an addition to minute number 53 – Community Funding, in that the £12,000 allocated to the Area Board Initiative – Street Name plates, was made as an exception to standard policy as it was over £5,000.




The minutes of the online meeting held on 21 January 2021 were agreed as a correct record and would be signed by the Chairman.





Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.


Chairman's Updates

The Chairman will give an update on outcomes and actions arising from previous meetings of the Area Board.



The Chairman made the following announcements:


As this was the last Area Board meeting in the 4 year cycle and before the elections in May, The Chairman thanked four of the outgoing Councillors who would either not be standing again or would be standing for another ward area.


Councillors, Derek Brown, Mary Douglas and John Walsh would not be standing again, and Cllr Matthew Dean would be standing in a different ward.


Those Councillors which would be leaving the council in May, in turn made short speeches.




Information items

a.     Fostering – information slides and written attachment

b.     Care Commissioning Group

c.     Healthwatch Wiltshire

Supporting documents:


The Board noted the written information items attached to the online agenda, which included:


  1. Foster Caring 


  1. Clinical Commissioning Group update


  1. Healthwatch Wiltshire update



The Community Engagement Manager also presented information for the area relating to the Foster Caring paper, urging anyone interested in becoming a Foster Carer to make contact using the details provided.


Partner and Community Updates

To note the written updates or information links attached to the agenda.


a)    Police – webpage – written update to follow

b)    Fire & Rescue – written update

c)     Salisbury City Council (SCC) – written update

d)    Air Quality Management Group – Written update

e)    Salisbury BID- link




Verbal Updates from:


·       Police- Inspector Pete Sparrow

·       Community Engagement Manager – Marc Read



Note: Speakers are reminded that they each have a 3 minutes slot, unless they have previously discussed alternative arrangements with the Chairman.

Supporting documents:


The Board noted the written updates and papers from Partners and Community Groups which were attached to the agenda pack.


The following verbal updates were also received:


Police – Inspector Pete Sparrow

A copy of the written Police report had been circulated to Members that day and would be attached to the minutes. In addition, Inspector Pete Sparrow gave an update, the key points were:


Covid Policing continued to have an impact on Policing in the Community area. The roadmap issued had a series of dates which should be considered with the addition of ‘and not before’.


Lockdown had had a significant impact on crime figures. Whilst crime was currently low with the economic downturns we were currently in and unemployment rising, some areas of crime could be expected to rise, such as thefts and burglaries.


From 29th March, and not before, the Community Speedwatch scheme would be returning – if permitted.


Changes to the team included the return of the rank of Chief Inspector to the structure. Inspector Sparrows post would in the future be responsible for just the Neighbourhoods and it was not yet known who would take up that post.


Anyone with a doorbell camera was urged to sign up to Community Messaging system and help with providing CCTV footage when called to do so.


Questions and Comments:


The Board conveyed its thanks to the rest of the Neighbourhood Team members that would be leaving.



Fire- Station Manager Matthew Maggs

In addition to the written update, it was noted that details of the Draft Community Safety Plan 2021-2024 and access to the consultation was available online at: www.dwfire.org.uk/draft-community-safety-plan-2021-24-consultation  


The closing date for comments was 13 May. Feedback could also be emailed to consultation@dwfire.org.uk


Community Engagement Manager

Marc Read to update us on work agreed as priorities for Salisbury at January 2021 area board.


Brief overview of a selection of some of the projects that were coming forward and happening:

·       Mental Health – Safer & Supportive Salisbury, local mapping

·       City of Salisbury exploration meeting – 18 March 6.30pm

·       Salisbury Soroptimists – International Woman’s Day invite – 7 March at 2.00pm (email for link: sarumsoropts@gmail.com )

·       Talking Antisocial Behaviour – a partnership taskforce, looking at street drinking and solutions to ASB in Culver Street Car park.

·       Food project coordination across Salisbury


Marc would produce a full written update at next meeting.





The Bishop of Salisbury

The Bishop of Salisbury, Nick Holtam will reflect on the challenges brought about by Covid during the past year and will set out his plans for the year ahead.


Bishop of Salisbury, Nick Holtam who was due to retire on 3 July, spoke on his time serving as Bishop over the last 10 years, which he stated had been a huge privilege and joy.


Salisbury is a city that grew around the cathedral, in some ways Salisbury was the most churched place that the Bishop had ever been.


During his service there had been some notable highlights such as the royal visits and the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and the recent celebration of the 800 years since the founding of the cathedral and the 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carter.


The other events also remembered included the Novichok poisoning and the recent pandemic where we have seen people coming together to support each other.


Part of the strengths of the city came from the relationships between the different faiths, which could be seen in the hospitals, the courts and the prison, and at Porton Down. With these strong relationships we can start to build back better.  


The Bishop had enjoyed the vast relationships he had experienced between the different religious groups around the city, noting the welcome he had received from the Muslim Association.


The Chairman thanked Bishop Holtham for all he had done during his 10 years.




MP John Glen

MP for Salisbury, John Glen will take us through some of the challenges last year brought due to Covid and areas of work to support the city, moving forward.


John Glen, MP for Salisbury spoke on areas of work over the past year which had included some extraordinary and unexpected challenges.


Paid tribute to Bishop Nick and the Members who all did so much for the Community.


Reflections on work as a MP, as a Treasury Minister as well he had been working closely with Rishi Sunak on various interventions, he had used the experience he had as Salisbury MP based 70% of the time in the city, the discussions he had had with Members, Local Authority Officer, Police and residents had been based here 70 % of the time over the last year had informed the approach he had taken in Whitehall.


John continued to work with his small team in Brown Street, helped by SCC Cllr Dr McClennan, to engage with businesses and individuals at this time.


Keeping on top of the issues faced locally when making decisions about the future of Salisbury, such as where to locate new houses. Work was progressing with the River Park development.


Aspirations included seeing a cleaner and more environmentally city centre. We live at the heart of a rural community and the relationship to the land is also important, in that we should do what we can to preserve the environment where we can.


As I look to the future, unemployment was currently 4%, lower than the national average. I would look to help businesses as we move through the recovery period as we move back to normality through the Roadmap towards early summer.


Looking to the future it was important to support one another as we find our new norm.




·       Cllr Walsh thanked John for all of the hard work and support he had provided over the years.

Answer: That’s kind, I have tried to support all mayors over the years as I try to listen to everyone from any background.


·       Cllr Douglas also noted that she felt John was an excellent MP, who had served the community faithfully.


·       Cllr Dean asked what view John had regarding the People Friendly Streets initiative, which had been pulled soon after initiation?

Answer: When we can deliver a different and better plan, I would support funding of a better scheme. I would do all I could as it was in our interest to improve the air quality of the city.


·       Cllr Hoque asked for an update on the A303 tunnel.

Answer: The tunnel was agreed in 2014, there would be a judicial review in next few months, which he hoped would give the final green light. With regards to Salisbury, there would need to be a look at connectivity with Southampton and Bristol. I am committed to finding a solution, as too much time was wasted queuing on the roads around Salisbury.


The Chairman thanked John Glen MP for attending.





Funding Update Stories

A look back on some of the projects the Board supported through Community Funding awards.


Updates from:


·       Leigh Chalmers - TEDx Salisbury,

·       Becky Thompson - Home-Start South Wiltshire,

·       David Lovibond - River Bourne Island Project,

·       Jimmy Walker - Salisbury Repair Cafe,

·       Sian Merriott - Relate Dorset & South Wiltshire



The Board welcomed previous grant applicants to update on their projects around the city, since receiving funding.



TEDx Salisbury - Leigh Chalmers

The event took place on 27 February 2020, where the theme for the evening was ‘Crossing Boundaries’. There were talks on overcoming abuse, being a survivor and not a victim, taking chances and on following your dreams.


There were also talks on the work taking place at Earlstoke Prison and the Pantry Partnership provided the food for the event.


Feedback from the Art Centre was that it had attracted a new audience with many new faces. Everyone involved was a volunteer.


Since the event there had been overwhelming feedback and 4000 view of the event on YouTube after the even.


There were plans to put on another event in the future.



Home-Start South Wiltshire - Becky Thompson

An independent charity affiliated to Home-Start UK. Due to the pandemic we moved our service to telephone support. Our volunteers now phoned or held zoom meetings with families each week. In SP1 & SP2 16 families had been supported over the last year.


Some of the challenge’s families were facing included, isolation, twins, post-natal depression, managing children’s behaviour.


Once families were referred, they were assessed and matched with a volunteer.


During the lockdown we had been able to deliver activity packs to family’s which was supported by Facebook posts showing ideas for activities that families could do at home.


River Bourne Island Project - David Lovibond


The whole project cost around £4000. The current bridge dated back to 1490. Over the years the open setting had become clogged up with litter and crack willows.


The first phase in April 2020, rubbish collecting began in readiness for the work to begin. All work was carried out by volunteers, with all work being overseen by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.


In the autumn, the extensive phase started, where the crack willows were pollarded. Once the river flow was increased, the oxygen level also increased which in turn improved the life within the river.

The aim was to improve the beauty of the bridge and take it back to a medieval setting as it would have been.


Salisbury Repair Café - Jimmy Walker


The repair café was all about bringing the community together and sustainability. Reducing the number of items going to landfill. We had around 60 volunteers in total that helped with all aspects of running the café.


Those that joined us had all sorts of different skills, we had people that could repair books, electrical items, hoovers, radios, toasters, fabrics, bikes, and jewellery.


There were people outside the Quaker Meeting House, queueing from 9am for us to open at 10am.


The donations re received enabled us to have a sustainable project.


Relate Dorset & South Wiltshire - Sian Merriott


The funding was originally to train one counsellor but after we went into lockdown it made more sense to train two online counsellors, enabling us to provide even more of a service.


As soon as we  ...  view the full minutes text for item 64.



Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

The Board is asked to note the minutes of the last CATG meeting held on 9 February 2021 and consider any funding recommendations arising from that meeting as set out in the attached report.



Supporting documents:


The Board noted the report of the CATG meeting which took place on

9th February 2021 and considered the funding recommendations as detailed in the pack and on the screen.



The Salisbury Area Board approved the funding recommendations of the CATG from its meeting on 9 February 2021, which were:


        4e – Waiting restriction - £1000

        5b – Street Nameplates – repainting- £1500

        5b – street nameplates – replacements - £3945

        5c – Street light assessment - £1250

        5e – Improvements – Bishopdown - £500

        6b – Shared use path signs - £505

        6d – Dropped kerb - £1900





Community Area Grants

Funding breakdown:


Community Area Grants

Young People

Health & Wellbeing

Opening balance





Awarded to date




Current Balance




Balance if all grants are agreed based on recommendations






The Board is asked to consider applications for funding as set out below and in detail in the attached funding report.


Community Area Grants



Amount requested

Applicant: Wiltshire Makers
Project Title: Wiltshire Makers Artisan Database

View full application







Applicant: Salisbury Stingrays Amateur Swimming Club
Project Title: Salisbury Stingrays Swim School project

View full application






Applicant: Bemerton Community Ltd
Project Title:
St Johns Place - black-out blinds

View full application





Applicant: Share Salisbury (A Library of Things) CIC
Project Title:
Share Salisbury A Library of Things CIC

View full application





Applicant: Laverstock & Ford Parish Council
Project Title:
St Judes Play Area

View full application








Youth Funding



Amount requested

Applicant: Salisbury Transition City

Project Title: Salisbury Party In The Park - Youth Stage


View full application




Amount requested

Applicant: Salisbury Community Circus

Project Title: Salisbury Community Circus Through the Pandemic


View full application




Health & Wellbeing Funding



Amount requested

Applicant: Helen Dowse - Carers Champion

Project Title: Activities for Unpaid Carers in Salisbury


View full application




Supporting documents:


Budgets available:

Community Area Grant - £9460.16

Youth - £3462.00

Health & Wellbeing - £850.00


The Board considered the funding requests as set out in the report attached to the agenda. Members were reminded that as this was the last meeting of the financial year and there were limited funds remaining, the Board would not be able to fund all projects in full.


Community Area Grants


Wiltshire Makers – Artisan database - requested £4936

The applicant, Claire Burden outlined the application and answered any questions.



·       As the project was aimed at Wiltshire and not solely Salisbury, could the applicant approach other Boards for funding, with each offering a token amount of £1000? The applicant could also apply to Southern and South West Boards.


Cllr Hocking moved a motion to award a reduced amount of £2936, with the suggestion that the applicant consider applying to other Boards for further funding. This was seconded by Cllr Douglas.



The Salisbury Ara Board awarded £2936 to the Wiltshire Makers towards the Artisan database project.


The project met the criteria of the Community Area Grant Scheme 2020/21.



Salisbury Stingrays – Swim school project - requested £948.86

The applicant, Philippa Hemming outlined the application and answered any questions.


After clarification on the paid volunteer listed within the application, it was proposed that a reduced amount of £798.86 be awarded to remove the £150 from the original requested figure.


Cllr Brian Dalton moved the motion. This was seconded by Cllr Hoque.



The Salisbury Ara Board awarded £798.86 to the Salisbury Stingrays towards the swim school project.


The project met the criteria of the Community Area Grant Scheme 2020/21.



Bemerton Community ltd- black out blinds - requested £1214

The applicant, Margaret Wilmot outlined the application and answered any questions.


As previously, the matter of the volunteer costs were clarified and a suggestion of removing that amount from the requested figure was suggested.


Cllr Walsh moved the motion of a reduced award of £1014. This was seconded by Cllr Hocking. 



The Salisbury Area Board awarded £1014 to the Bemerton Community Group ltd, towards the purchase of some black out blinds.


The project met the criteria of the Community Area Grant Scheme 2020/21.


Share Salisbury CIC – Library of things – requested £4500

The applicant, Eva McHugh outlined the project and answered any questions.


·       What funding had been received from other bodies and what would the catchment area be?

Answer – £1200 of funding had come through a ‘go fund me’ page and a further £1600 in external donations from the community. The catchment area was likely to be Salisbury and surrounding areas.


Cllr Douglass moved the motion to award a reduced amount of £3200. This was seconded by Cllr Hoque.



The Salisbury Area Board awarded £3200 to Share Salisbury CIC, towards the Library of Things project.


The project met the criteria of the Community Area Grant Scheme 2020/21.



Laverstock & Ford PC – St Judes play area – requested £5000

The applicant,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 66.




The date of the next meeting is Thursday 17 June 2021, 6.00pm - venue TBC.



The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and noted that as this was the last meeting of this Area Board, the next meeting would be held after the elections on Thursday 17 June 2021.


He closed the meeting by giving a final thanks to Cllrs Brown, Dean, Douglas and Walsh and wished them all the best for the future.





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