Agenda and minutes

Southern Wiltshire Area Board - Thursday 26 July 2012 7.00 pm

Venue: Alderbury Village Hall, Rectory Road, Alderbury, SP5 3AD

Contact: Lisa Moore  (Democratic Services Officer)

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Welcome and Introductions

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The Chairman, Councillor Richard Britton welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board. Councillors and Officers sitting at the top table then introduced themselves.




There were none.



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the previous meeting held on Thursday 7 June 2012.

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The minutes of the previous meeting held on Thursday 7 June 2012, were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Interest

Councillors are requested to declare any pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.


Councillor Ian McLennan noted that grant applicant the Woodfalls Band had previously taken part in one of the Tattoo performances which he organised, however this did not constitute an interest.


Chairman's Announcements

To receive Chairman’s Announcements including:


·       Job Club – Opening of the Job Boards



Job Vacancy Boards

On Friday 6 July the Chairman had attended the opening of three Jobs Boards at Downton, Old Sarum and Alderbury. He was delighted to say that local jobs were being advertised and if only one local person was able to secure a job from this initiative, then it would be a good result.


Social Media – Facebook Workshop

The Area Board had arranged a training session on Friday 3 August at the Bourne Hill Offices in Salisbury, from 2.00 – 4.30pm. This would be run by Wiltshire Council communications team and aimed at providing useful information on using facebook, to community groups in the southern Wiltshire community area.



Current Consultations

To note the attached information on the following current consultation:



Closing Date


More information

Cultural Stategy consultation

30 September 2012

The purpose of this document is to consult on the drafting of a cultural strategy for Wiltshire. The cultural sector is diverse and vibrant; including community and voluntary groups, local, national and international charities as well as commercial operations and private individuals. The cultural strategy will ensure that every part of the cultural sector works together so that energy and resources are focused upon shared objectives and transformational actions that deliver real benefits for the communities of Wiltshire.

For more details please contact



The Board noted the current consultations listed in the agenda. To access information on all consultations currently open you can visit the consultation portal online at:



Report on issues facing the community as a whole

Written Updates attached are:


  • CATG
  • Police
  • Fire & Rescue Service
  • NHS
  • Wiltshire Council – Community Bank


Updates to be given at the meeting:


  • Youth Services – Update on recruitment process for Youth Development Coordinator.
  • Southern Wiltshire Issues System
  • Any other comments or reports


Supporting documents:


The Board noted the written updates attached to the agenda, in addition the following updates and comments were received:


Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

In addition to the written report in the agenda pack, Tom Bray noted that the next meeting of the group would be on 23 August.


Councillor McLennan requested that the planned gateway at Ford be installed before the major works to the Broken Cross bridge. He thought this would help control the speed of the traffic that might use the road during the works. Tom Bray agreed to take the matter to the CATG for consideration.


Action: Tom Bray



In addition to the written report attached to the agenda, Inspector Andy Noble added that two local burglars had been charged following an increase in non dwelling burglaries in the area.


The first event of BLUEZ n ZUZ in Wilton was planned for September, these are social events for 12 to 16 year olds in a safe environment supported and staffed by local Police.

A recent altercation involving travellers at  Old Sarum had been dealt with swiftly thanks to the assistance of a local land owner.

Local Resolution is a new way of dealing with low level crime and anti-social behaviour by putting victims at the heart of the service. Instead of court proceedings, justice is delivered by the offender in several ways, these could include: meeting and apologising to the victim, understanding how their actions made the victim feel, paying compensation and repairing damage caused.


There are some conditions attached these which include: the offender must admit to the offence, they must show some degree of remorse and must not be known to the police for any offence in the past.


Questions and comments:


There had been a rise in thefts from motor vehicles in and around the area, is this being tackled? Answer: There had been a spike in offences earlier in the year, however within the last couple of weeks, there had only been 6 reported offences within the wider Salisbury community area, which was a reduction from the expected average for that period of 9.


Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service

In addition to the written update attached to the agenda, David Dunford, Local Group Manager added that the number of home safety checks carried out within the community area had tailed off, with only 2 being carried out in June. Freepost leaflets were circulated at the meeting for people to complete and return if they wished to register for a home safety check. A copy of the leaflet is attached to these minutes for information.


Wiltshire Community Bank – Wiltshire Council Update

Councillor Britton noted that there were a series of community banks across the county, the aim of these was to provide an alternative way of saving and borrowing money for people who did not have access to a conventional bank account. Also to stop people falling prey to loan sharks and money lenders who charged an extremely high level of interest  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.



Network Rail closure of A338 Broken Cross Bridge

To receive a presentation on the scheduled bridge works at the Broken Cross Bridge, Ford.

Supporting documents:


James Kelly of Network Rail delivered a presentation on the planned closure of the Broken Cross bridge on the A338 in Ford. The bridge would be closed between 27 October 2012 until 8 February 2013 to enable bridge replacement works to be undertaken.


A pass system would be implemented which would allow single lane restricted access across the bridge to emergency services and other specific users such as buses, taxis and school runs.


The new road layout would include two mini roundabouts, with 50mph approach speeds either side.


During the construction of the western roundabout there would be a complete closure of the bridge for 3 weeks.


Questions and comments were then received, these included:


·         Why not just lower the floor under the bridge? Answer: Following a survey of bridges along this route, 68 were non compliant with current criteria, Broken Cross bridge is prone to flooding, so lowering the floor was not an option.

·         How much disruption to the train service will there be? Answer: There will be a 38 hour window of disruption between 3 November to 4 November when the bridge is demolished; no trains will be able to pass during this time.

·         There will be other instances when a pass is needed to gain access to the houses, such as delivery companies and visitors, how will this be administered? Answer: The pass system has been devised by Wiltshire Council, it is currently a work in progress, and further information will be available to those concerned in due course.

·         Has there been consultation with the emergency services? Answer: There has been consultation with all of the emergency services; it is thought that there would be an increase of 1 minute to their reaction times.

·         Cllr McLennan noted that there were three main local businesses, CB Skips, Boswells and Fieldfare Trailers who all required constant access, he asked  that direct communication was undertaken with these businesses to ascertain their needs.



Volunteering - Digital Literacy

Volunteering is one of the Area Board’s chosen themes for 2012/13, here is an example of the really important part that volunteers can play within the local community.


The Board will receive a presentation to raise the awareness of the project and to recruit local people to act as digital champion volunteers to support local people in the community to get online.


Officer: Jenny Wilcockson, Digital Literacy Coordinator



Supporting documents:


As Volunteering is one of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board themes for 2012/13, Jenny Wilcockson, Digital Literacy Coordinator had been invited to provide information on a Wiltshire Council project to raise awareness and to recruit volunteers to take part in providing IT assistance around the community to local individuals and groups.


The project aim is to recruit two types of volunteers, for the Southern Wiltshire Community Area the suggested requirement would be:


  • 20 x Digital Champions – people who would provide one to one support to others to get online.
  • 2 x Local Volunteer Coordinators - responsible for helping register new learners, matching learners with Digital Champion volunteers and acting as a communication channel between these volunteers and the Wiltshire Online team.  Volunteer Coordinators are also encouraged to support the Wiltshire Online staff with the recruitment of Digital Champions and the organisation of volunteer coffee mornings. 


Jenny was keen to hear about existing local groups may benefit from some free IT assistance, such as coffee groups. Local knowledge would play a big part in the success of getting the project to work.


Schools would also be approached to see if they could be involved by getting young people who were interested in IT to share their knowledge by providing assistance to others in their communities.


For more information and to pre-register to receive IT assistance, go to the web page:





Community Safety

The Area Board theme for Community Safety is all about improving local links between the Neighbourhood Policing Team, Parish Councils, local “watch” schemes and communications with residents. The Board will receive an update on how the Board can develop this work.


A Lorry Watch update was circulated at the meeting and is attached to these minutes. Councillor Randall explained that if a village had a weight restriction running through it then Lorry Watch would be a good scheme to be involved in.


Downton Parish Council would consider undertaking a pilot project to link up the watch schemes operating in the area to promote a joined up approach to community safety in the village. An update would be given at the next meeting.



Rights of Way - The Next Steps

To kick off work on this theme, parish councils were asked to submit capital requirements for the Rights of Way in their parish area, 9 parishes in total responded.  The attached report captures these requests and asks the Board to set aside a maximum amount to be used on improving access to our Rights of Way.


The Board will receive a short presentation fron the Landford Footpath Group about their group and how it works.


Also attached – Briefing papers on the ‘Paths for Communities’ scheme.


Cllr Leo Randall

Supporting documents:


Landford parish councillor, John Martin read a report by the Landford Public Footpath Committee, a copy is attached to these minutes.




Community Area Grants

The Board will consider 4 applications for funding from the Community Area Grant Scheme.


Officer: Tom Bray, Community Area Manager

Supporting documents:


The Area Board considered four applications for funding from the Community Area Grant Scheme. Applicants present were invited to speak in support of their application. After discussion Area Board members voted on each application in turn.



Odstock Parish Council was awarded £223 towards works to river bank at Jubilee Gardens.



The application met the Community Area Grant Criteria for 2012/13, and demonstrates a direct link to the Community Plan 2010 – 15 as detailed in the officer’s report.



The application by Pitton & Farley Parish Council for funding towards work on their community website was refused.



The Board felt that website maintenance should be funded by the parish council. The project does not demonstrate a link to the Community Plan 2010 – 15, as detailed in the officer’s report.



Winterslow Village Hall |Management Committee was awarded £5,000 towards the refurbishment of a new kitchen.



The application met the Community Area Grant Criteria for 2012/13, and demonstrates a direct link to the Community Plan 2010 – 15 as detailed in the officer’s report.



The application by Woodfalls Band was deferred until the next meeting.



The applicant was not available to answer questions at this meeting so will be invited to the next Board meeting on 27 September 2012.



Evaluation and Close

A copy of the Forward Plan is attached for information.

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The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


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