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Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Cotswold Space - County Hall, Trowbridge BA14 8JN. View directions

Contact: Becky Holloway  Democratic Services Officer

Note No. Item



Chairman's Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.




An apology was received from Cllr Stewart Palmen.




To approve the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 13 July 2017.

Supporting documents:


Cllr David Halik, seconded by Cllr Edward Kirk, moved that the minutes of the meeting held on 13 July 2017 be accepted as a true record




To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting of Trowbridge Area Board held on 13 July 2017



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



Cllr Edward Kirk declared a non-pecuniary interest as a member of Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce

Cllr Horace Prickett declared a non-pecuniary interest as a trustee of North Bradley Memorial Trust but that he would consider all items with an open mind.

Cllrs Graham Payne, Edward Kirk, David Halik, and Deborah Halik declared a non-pecuniary interest as members of Trowbridge Town Council.



Chairman's Announcements

To receive any announcements through the Chairman, to include the following:


i.          Town and parish emergency plans

ii.         Assertive outreach with rough sleepers

iii.        Household Recycling Centre changes

iv.        Update on work to remove gulls in Canal Road, Trowbridge

Supporting documents:


The Chairman invited Alex Shaw and Julia Drewitt to present their petition to the Area Board. Following the opening of a footpath through Salter Close, they had experienced an increased level of anti-social behaviour which had caused significant harm to the property and confidence in personal safety of local residents. The petition requested a closure of the path.


The Chairman thanked them for their presentation and explained that the petition would be passed on to the appropriate council department and that the Police Inspector with responsibility for Trowbridge had been informed.


The Chairman made the following announcements


Town and parish councils were encouraged to complete or update their emergency plans and could contact Sarah Kelly for advice and support.


Work was being done to reduce rough sleeping. Anyone concerned about a rough sleeper or wanting support should contact Sarah Johnson.


Due to the time required to change the layout of the site, Trowbridge Household Recycling Centre would be closed between 13 and 26 November 2017. Melksham HRC could be used as an alternative in the interim.


An update was provided on the work to remove gulls from Canal Road, Trowbridge earlier in the year.




Town and Country Planning Regulations 2017

To receive a response to a question submitted by Cllr Ernie Clark with regards to the Town and Country Planning Regulations 2017 and Town and Country Planning Order 2017.

Supporting documents:


Mike Wilmott, Head of Development Management and Acting Associate Director of Planning and Economic Development, provided an overview of the recently released Town and Country Planning Regulations 2017. The regulations were part of the government agenda to prioritise housing and to make more land available from smaller developers. The Order required a register of brownfield sites to be created and maintained annually by every local authority based on a defined set of criteria. The register would include any brownfield site which would be suitable for residential development. A second (non-statutory) part of the order was the creation of a list of sites for which the council granted provision planning permission for dwellings of a specified size, design etc.


In response to questions it was explained that the methodology for allocating sites to the register had not yet been developed but that only brownfield sites that would be suitable for residential properties only would be considered.




Partner and Outside Body Updates

To note the written reports and receive any updates from the following:




i.          Wiltshire Police

ii.         Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

iii.        Healthwatch

iv.        Wiltshire CCG

v.         Trowbridge Community Area Future (TCAF)

vi.        Town and Parish Councils

vii.       Local Youth Network


Outside Bodies:


vi.        Health and Wellbeing Centre Working Group

vii.       Trowbridge Health and Wellbeing Group

viii.      Safer Communities Group

Supporting documents:


Updates from partners were received as follows:


Wiltshire Police

Inspector Andy Fee introduced himself and his role and presented the written report. He explained that a weekly taskgroup met to identify the priorities in the area and then his team of a sergeant and 11 officers worked to target them. Focus had been put on high-risk perpetrators and there had been a visible reduction in crime levels in the area.

Anyone with an issue they’d like to raise could get in touch with PC Amy Hardman who was co-ordinating the areas for priority.


The Chairman thanked the Inspector for his report and congratulated his team for the work they continued to do.


Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service


Darren Nixon delivered a report on the rescues of groups of young people from the Box Mines over the summer. The mines covered an extensive network of underground tunnels. The three groups of young people had been unsuitably prepared and had got lost in the tunnels. The fire brigade had responded in all instances and a specialist rescue team had been called to find the groups and lead them back to safety. Work was ongoing to seal the entrances to prevent further incidences.


Guy Tadman presented the written update and reported that a new Fire Cadet scheme had been set up where 15 12-18 year old young people could learn new skills and gain a formal BTEC qualification. Prevention work would be targeted specifically at chimney fires and firework dangers, and new risk identification software was now in place to support with identifying key areas and people most at risk of harm from fire. Trowbridge fire station continued to be one of the busiest in the Dorset and Wiltshire partnership area.


Trowbridge Community Area Future (TCAF)


Lindsey Millen and Colin Kay gave a presentation on the work of TCAF and the youth projects the charity was running. Youth clubs were run on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights in three areas of relative high deprivation in Trowbridge, and engaged with around 60 young people a week. Their purpose was to provide safe spaces for young people to meet and get support and advice with the challenges or issues they were facing. With support from Greggs, they were also able to provide food for the young people which helped to address a growing concern around hunger among those attending.


Along with the youth projects, it was reported that TCAF worked with local partner organisations and co-ordinated a community hub in the Shire shopping centre where residents could meet local charities and get information on volunteering opportunities and services.


The focus of the charity now was on securing longer term core funding to provide stability for staff and services and to recruit more volunteers to support the running of the organisation and the projects it delivered.


Trowbridge Town Council

Lance Allan, Town Clerk, provided a verbal update. He highlighted an ongoing discussion with Wiltshire Council regarding the defined boundary between Trowbridge and West Ashton;  ...  view the full minutes text for item 66.



East Wing Re-development

To receive an update on the development of the County Hall East Wing site.


Tim Martienssen, Head of Economic Development and Acting Associate Director for Economic Development and Planning, provided an update on the East-Wing site, opposite County Hall. An outline planning application had been submitted in August 2017 (ref: 17/07693/OUT) and there had been a small number of areas identified for work including drainage and sewerage, and trees.


Plans for the leisure component of the site were developing, with initial work done by Alliance Leisure to scope the different options which would be followed by a more detailed cost analysis and a draft report. The report would be discussed with the steering group and would then be taken to the Area Board for its consideration.


In response to a question, it was confirmed that a report on highway implications had been submitted as part of the outline application and that the Highway Team would consider whether this was accurate and covered the required elements.





a.    Youth Grants


To consider the following application:


                      i.        £5000.00       Moroccan Community Association

-       British Moroccan Youth Project


b.    Community Area Grants


To consider the following applications:


                  i.        £3670.00          North Bradley Peace Memorial Trust      

-       Hall kitchen refurbishment


                 ii.        £3100.00          Trowbridge Debt Advice Services

-       Delivery of advice service


                iii.        £580.00            HELP Counselling Services

-       Upgrade of data recording systems

Supporting documents:


The Area Board considered the following applications to the Community Area Grant Scheme 2011/12:


Members considered one application to the Youth Fund from Moroccan Community Association for £5000 to run a British Moroccan youth sports project.


Emma Drage, the Locality Youth Facilitator, explained that the Local Youth Network (LYN) had recommended this application be refused. This was because it would duplicate other nearby youth sport provision and it was felt work should be done to integrate the group within existing provision.


Cllr Steve Oldrieve, seconded by Cllr David Haliked moved that the LYN recommendation be supported for the reasons given, but that Emma Drage should continue to work with the group to support them in meeting the needs of the young people involved.


To refuse the application for £5000.00 from the Moroccan Community Association.


REASON: the application would duplicate existing provision nearby and therefore it did not meet the funding criteria.


Members were asked to consider three applications to the Community Area Grants Scheme as follows:


The first application for £3670.00 was from North Bradley Peace Memorial Trust towards the cost of refurbishing the Memorial Hall’s kitchen. This had been installed 20 years before and needed work to renew it to a suitable standard for food preparation and general use. A question was asked regarding the contribution made towards the project by North Bradley Parish Council and it was confirmed that a small donation had been made.


Cllr Horace Pricket, seconded by Cllr Steve Oldrive, proposed that the application be approved for the reasons set out in the report.


Cllr Ernie Clark, seconded by Cllr Edward Kirk, moved an amendment to Cllr Pricket’s motion, to match fund the contribution made by the Parish Council.


At the conclusion of the vote, the amended motion fell.


The original motion was re-considered and at the end of the vote, it was:




To award £3670.00 to North Bradley Peace Memorial Trust towards the refurbishment of the Memorial Hall kitchen.


Cllrs Ernie Clark, David Halik, Deborah Halik, and Edward Kirk wished it to be minuted that they had voted against the motion


The second application was for £3100.00 from Trowbridge Debt Advice Services towards setting up an office for a new debt advice service in Trowbridge. In response to a question it was confirmed that the grant was for the capital items associated with the project and therefore met the grant criteria. It was hoped that the centre would open on 11 October 2017.


Cllr Steve Oldrieve, seconded by Cllr Deborah Halik, moved that the grant be awarded for the reasons given in the report.



To award £3100.00 to Trowbridge Debt Advice Services towards the costs of opening a new debt advice service

The final application, from HELP Counselling Services, was for an upgrade to their data recording system to comply with new data protection regulations.

Cllr David Halik, seconded by Cllr Ernie Clark, moved that the grant be awarded.


To award £580.00 to HELP Counselling  ...  view the full minutes text for item 68.



Waste Management Strategy

To receive a presentation on the Wiltshire Council Waste Management Strategy and associated consultation.


Martin Litherland, Head of Waste Management, gave a presentation on Wiltshire’s draft 10 year waste strategy which included collection and disposal of the county’s waste and strategies for increasing recycling and reducing landfill. The consultation on the strategy was online and members of the public were encouraged to take part. Parish Council’s were asked to promote the consultation to their parishioners.

Using the handheld voting sets, attendees at the meeting were invited to answer four sample questions from the consultation.



Traffic management in Trowbridge

To receive a presentation from residents of Castlemead regarding traffic management in the Castlemead area of Trowbridge.


This item was deferred to the November meeting of Trowbridge Area Board.



Trowbridge Street sweeping and weed clearance

To discuss the maintenance of verges and public areas and the recent incidences of flooding in the Trowbridge Community Area.


Weed clearance - 

Bill Parks and Adrian Hampton, Head of Street Scene, delivered a presentation on street sweeping and highway maintenance. Cllr Bridget Wayman, the Cabinet member of Highways Transport and Waste was also in attendance.

A newsletter had been sent to parish and town councils in August 2017 which outlined Wiltshire Council’s statutory duties relating to gully clearance (get from Adrian’s email). Clearance of weeds was delegated down through the parish stewards scheme.

It was explained that there was a service level required of the local authority which was specified by national government. Parish and town councils were able to enhance this through delivery of their own services. Examples were given of other town councils that had commissioned their own treatment of weeds, litter picking, and pavement sweeping.

For concerns around litter, gutter blockages or other aspects of street scene, members of the public or councillors could report the issue via the MyWiltshire system and the council would respond where it did not meet the required standards outlined in the Council’s code of practice and inspection manual.

In response to the issues that came out of the debate that followed, the following was clarified or confirmed:

That a large percentage of the spend on street scene was in picking up litter which diverted funds from other areas that needed them. A council campaign has recently been launched to target this.

That the number of street-sweepers had reduced in recent years and there was less resource available to the team.

That the council had a duty to meet certain standards and that resources were prioritised at meeting these before non-statutory issues could be addressed.

Work was ongoing with town centre businesses to reduce the amount of litter related to their business and customer base.

That transferring the statutory duties of the local authority to a town council would require an asset transfer to be agreed by Cabinet

Following the discussion and with agreement of the town council a motion was proposed by Cllr Edward Kirk and seconded by Cllr Peter Fuller, as follows:

"That Trowbridge Area Board requests Wiltshire Council Cabinet to expedite the transfer of undertaking in respect of street sweeping in Trowbridge to Trowbridge Town Council subject to the normal contractual safeguards."

Following a vote the motion was carried.


To submit a request to Wiltshire Council Cabinet to expedite the transfer of undertaking in respect of street sweeping in Trowbridge to Trowbridge Town Council subject to the normal contractual safeguards.




Community Engagement Update

To receive an update on the work of the Community Engagement Manager.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman asked members to note the update report in the agenda pack.



Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

To consider the update and any recommendations arising from the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) meeting held on 6 September 2017.

Supporting documents:


The notes of the CATG meeting held on 6 September were presented and Cllr Ernie Clark, seconded by Cllr David Halik, moved that the two recommendations for funding be approved.


To award £3354 towards background work for a substantive bid scheme for Westbury Rd/Woodmarsh (issue 4824), subject to a £1666 contribution from North Bradley PC

To award £3000 as a contribution to a 20mph speed restriction assessment in Drynham Ward, subject to a £1500 contribution from TTC.



Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items





The Area Board joined the Chairman in thanking Becky Holloway for her work with Trowbridge Area Board and wished her well for her new job.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and reminded members that the next meeting would be held at 7pm on 16 November 2017.




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