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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Warminster Civic Centre

Contact: Jessica Croman 

Note No. Item



Chairman's Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman will welcome those present to the meeting.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Warminster Area Board and invited members of the board to introduce themselves.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from:


Sarah Jefferies (Horningsham and Maiden Bradley Parish Councils)

Sue Frasier (Warminster Town Council)


It was noted that Cllr Tony Jackson would arrive late to the meeting (8pm)



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 9 September 2017 (copy attached).

Supporting documents:




The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



Cllr Pip Ridout declared an interest in the Friends of Warminster Park grant application due to her position as treasurer and would abstain from voting on that application.


Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman will introduce the Announcements included in the agenda and invite any questions.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman made the following announcements:


·        Wiltshire Local Plan Review - The Council is reviewing the Wiltshire Core Strategy adopted in January 2015 which set out policies for the future development of the county over the period to 2026 and is used in the determination of planning applications.  The review of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (renamed the Wiltshire Local Plan) will extend the period to which the plan relates to 2036.  The consultation would run from the 7 November 2017 to 5pm Tuesday 19 December 2017.


·        Police & Crime Commissioner Precept Consultation – There is a proposed rise in Council Tax and people could have their say at www.wiltshire-pcc.gov.uk/transparency


·        Warminster Town Council – Guidance and instructions for the Remembrance Day Parade on the 12 November 2017 was provided.




Following a request, the Chairman allowed Mr free, from the local Labour Group, to give a statement on Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs) being replaced by Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs).


The main points of the statement was; there had been no public consultation on the DPPO being replaced by the PSPO despite Wiltshire Councils website stating there would be a consultation and discussion at the local Area Board and that the current order would criminalise homeless people. It was requested that an officers report be made available for the next Area Board meeting.


The Chairman read a response provided by officers with the main points focusing on: As of the 20 October 2017 DPPOs automatically became PSPOs; within a public space of a PSPO area it is an offence to consume alcohol; Wiltshire Police had the authority to issues fines to those who had the ability to pay the fine.


During the discussion it was noted that there was information on the Wiltshire Council website about the PSPOs being consulted on at each Area Board, although this issue had not been on the forward work plan and for this reason it was;




That the issue should be on the agenda for the January 4 meeting.  


Updates from Partners

To receive updates from any of the following partners:

Ø  Wiltshire Police

Ø  Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

Ø  Warminster and Villages Community Partnership

Ø  Town and Parish Councils Nominated Representatives


Some written updates have been received and are included in this agenda.

Supporting documents:


Some written updates had been received before the meeting and were included in the agenda.


A presentation was given by the Warminster Skate Park group, which gave information about the proposed skate park and a grant application that would be going to the Area Board in January. Plans were provided of what the skate park would look like and actions that had been taken to raise money. It was noted that the grant application would provide a temporary road which would support the construction of the skate park.


The Chairman thanked the group for their presentation.


Warminster and Villages Community Partnership


Len Turner from the WVCP informed the meeting that benchmarking of Warminster Town would take place on Saturday morning from 10.30am. A team would be doing questionnaires and encouraged everyone to have their say.


Local Youth Network Update and Youth Activities Grant Applications

i.              Update

ii.            Grants

Supporting documents:


Jan Bowra, Local Youth Facilitator, introduced the item and gave a brief overview of the role and processes involved.


A grant application was presented and it was;




To award Warminster Cricket Club £2000 for heating.


Warminster Dementia Centre

To receive a presentation from Emer Bolt, Deputy CEO, Alzheimer's Support.


Emma Bolt from Alzheimer’s Support gave a presentation on the Warminster Dementia Centre.


The main points from the presentation were:


·        An overview of Alzheimer’s support within the Warminster area was given.

·        A new hub would be opening in Warminster which would provide day centre activities 4 days a week and allow carers to have a break.

·        The new hub would be based in The Old Silk Works, which had a great history in Warminster.

·        The building would be modified to include a bridge for easy access, the grounds would include a landscaped garden area and curved walk way.

·         The building had designated parking but as part of the day centre activates package, those attending would be picked up and dropped off by taxi.

·        The charity boasted a large bank of volunteers, although more help and support would be welcomed. Especially donations to the new hub to help with the renovations.



The chairman thanked Emma for the presentation.


Health & Wellbeing Group

To receive an update.

Supporting documents:


Jacqui Abbott, Community Engagement Manager, introduced the item and referred to the report and grant included in the agenda.




To approve £250 towards the funding of the All Things Carers event to cover hire of rooms, publicity and marketing and refreshments.


The H.N. Dewey House Trust

Supporting documents:


The Chairman referred to the report included in the agenda.


During the debate some concerns were raised concerning the wording of the recommendations that were to be decided on. Councillor Newbury expressed his concerns and sought clarification on; who had the final decision/ power to devolve the legacy to the Town Council and that the wording of the recommendations was incorrect as it stated that Wiltshire Council was not the beneficiary but could devolve the legacy to Warminster Town Council.  This did not make sense.


Following the debate it was;




To recommend that  Warminster Town Council becomes  the proper beneficiary of the H.N. Dewey Will Trust and that Warminster Town Council is the successor to West Wiltshire District Council in this matter.  Disbursements would therefore be devolved to the Town Council.


Solicitors from Wiltshire Council to ensure that the correct legal procedure is followed to ensure that Warminster Town Council can disburse the funds.


Community Area Transport Group

i.              Report and proposed expenditure

ii.            Petition update

Supporting documents:


The Chairman open the items and referred to the CATG notes within the agenda pack.


It was also noted that a petition had been received from the residents of Newport road regarding parking issues on the road. The petition had been discussed at the CATG meeting and currently with the towns development team at Wiltshire Council.




To approve schemes:


·        5568 – Whitfield Close/ Woodcock Road for dropped kerbs and 20mph along Woodcock Road.


·        5729 – Hospital of St John, Heytesbury for dropped kerbs.


Area Board Funding - Community Area Grants

To consider applications for funding from the Community Area Grants Scheme.

Supporting documents:


The area board considered the following applications seeking 2017/18 Community Area Grant funding:






To defer the application for funding for Wiltshire Medieval Society for more information.


To award Friends of Warminster Park £5000 for a haulage road for a new skate park.


To award Chitterne Parish Council £1255.90 for a speed indicator devise for traffic management.


Warminster Regeneration Working Group

To receive an update.


An update was provided noting that the working group  had been advised that it was not the right time to regenerate retail in the current climate.  The  aim of the group would be to get ready for when the market improves.


Currently the working group were studying options for the car park and opportunities for a Police site were being explored.


Membership of the steering group would be explored and a suggestion was made to ensure that the steering group was representative of the community.  The Town Council were represented on the steering group.


Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.



Future Meeting Dates

The next meetings of the Warminster Area Board will be on the 4 January 2018 at the Warminster Civic Centre.



The next meeting of the Warminster Area Board would take place on the 4 January 2018 at the Warminster Civic Centre.




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