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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall, Chicks Lane, Collingbourne Ducis SN8 3UH

Contact: Kevin Fielding  (Democratic Services Officer)

No. Item



Election of the Chairman

i.To elect a Chairman for the forthcoming year.


ii.Election of the Vice Chairman

To elect a Vice Chairman for the forthcoming year.


iii.Appointments to Outside Bodies and Working Groups.

To note that appointments to outside bodies and working groups

for the forthcoming year:


·       Community Area Transport Group


·       Shadow Campus Operations Board


·       Tidworth Community Area Partnership


·       Tidworth Leisure Centre Executive Committee


·       Local Youth Network (LYN)


·       Wellington Academy Governing Body



Cllr Chris Williams was elected as Chairman of the Tidworth Area Board for the forthcoming year.


Cllr Mark Connolly was elected as Vice Chairman of the Tidworth Area Board for the forthcoming year.


Appointments to Outside Bodies and Working Groups for the forthcoming year:


·       Community Area Transport Group – Cllr Mark Connolly


·       Shadow Campus Operations Board – Cllr Mark Connolly & Cllr Chris Williams


·       Tidworth Community Area Partnership – Cllr Chris Williams


·       Tidworth Leisure Centre Executive Committee – Cllr Charles Howard


·       Local Youth Network (LYN) – Cllr Chris Williams


·       Wellington Academy Governing Body  - Cllr Charles Howard



Chairman's Welcome, Introductions and Announcements

Chairman’s Announcements


·       Health Wiltshire – update.


·       Army Rebasing – May update.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Castle Primary School for the Tidworth Area Board.


The Chairman thanked Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council for hosting the Area Board and providing the outstanding refreshments.


 The following Chairman’s Announcements were noted:


·       Healthwatch Wiltshire – update.


·       Army Rebasing – May 2015 update.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Alistair Cunningham – Wiltshire Council, Carolyn Wall – Chute Parish Council, Denis Bottomley – Everleigh Parish Council, Corby Kemp – Tidworth Town Council, Huph & Reia Jones – Tidworth Town Council & TCAP.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were none.



To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 9th March 2015.

Supporting documents:




·       The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 9th March 2015 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



          Derek Booth (collingbourne Ducis) was un-happy with the wording of agenda item 5 - Climate Local Initiative


Its good to promote public transport, but the bus service covering the Tidworth community area is good”. Derek Booth felt that the bus service was not good in all areas of the Tidworth community area.



Services to the Elderly

Presentation by Sue Geary - Head of Performance, Health & Workforce, Wiltshire Council.


To discuss the services needed by the elderly in each Community Area and to consider nominating an Elderly Persons Champion & a Carers Champion.



Sue Geary – Head of Performance, Health & Workforce, Wiltshire Council gave a presentation which outlined the services needed by the elderly in each Community Area and to consider nominating an Older Persons Champion and a Carers Champion.


Points made included:


·       Significant changes in the way people were supported to be independent

        Care Act implemented April 2015


        CCG currently tendering Community Health Services


·       That Wiltshire Council wanted to talk with area boards and people in the community about how best to support people and would be holding a workshop on Monday8th June 2015.


·       That Wiltshire Council and Healthwatch Wiltshire had launched a new Information website – “Your care, your Support Wiltshire”.


Market Position Statements


·       The purpose of this statement was to inform each Community Area Board of current service provision and uptake of community services, support and accommodation; and to inform the council’s commissioning intentions to develop and support services that reflect the aspirations and wishes of older people living in Wiltshire.


Older Peoples and Carers Champions


·       A way to engage with communities.

·       Voluntary roles but with admin support.

·       Act as link between the Council and communities on older peoples and carers issues.

·       Regular meetings with champions to exchange information, influence service developments, feedback issues.

·       Further discussions to finalise the details with communities.


Older Persons Champion & Carers Champion.


It was felt that more information was needed on the roles of the Older Persons Champion & Carers Champion before people could be nominated for these roles. Sue Geary advised that more Information on these roles would be provided in due course.


The Chairman thanked Sue Geary for her presentation.



"Big Pledge - make a difference" Campaign 2015

Presentation from Mary Cullen – Community Area Manager.


Wiltshire’s Big Pledge challenges people to get healthy, volunteer, or make a positive change in 2015.




Mary Cullen Tidworth Community Area Manager, gave an update on Wiltshire Council’s "Big Pledge - make a difference" Campaign 2015, which challenged everybody to make a difference to their health and wellbeing or make a difference in their local community.


Points made included:


Make adifference toyour health and wellbeing:


·        take the sugarswap challengeand reduceyour sugarintake for

 21 days.


·       be sun awareand protectyour skinduring May toSeptember

   eat a rainbow byincreasing yourfruit andvegetable intaketo at leastfive aday for30 daysor more.


·       get active byincreasing yourphysical activityfor 30days or moreor bytaking partin theBig PledgeActivity Challenge.


·       stop smoking for30 days.


·       be alcohol awareby havingat leasttwo orthree alcoholfree days a week.


·       improve yourwellbeing by takingtime outto do somethingyou enjoyat leastthree timesa week.


Make adifference inyour community:


·        volunteerat leastonce amonthfromMay toSeptember.


·       do charity fundraisingfor alocal cause.


·       do acts ofkindness byhelping someone inyour neighbourhood during May toSeptember.


·       get your communityactive byencouraging people youknow to domore physicalactivity.


·       be dementia friendlyand becomea dementiafriend.


The Chairman thanked Mary Cullen for her update.


Wiltshire Credit Union

Presentation by Martin Smith - Business Development Director Wiltshire Savings and Loans.



Martin Smith - Business Development Director Wiltshire Savings and Loans gave a short presentation that outlined the work of the Wiltshire Credit Union.


Points made included:

·       Established over ten years ago in Salisbury as South Wiltshire Credit Union and had grown to cover other parts of Wiltshire.


·       Recently a decision was made to trade as Wiltshire Savings and Loans so that it was clear which services the Union offered the communities that it serves. We remain a credit union who encourages financial responsibility through good returns on savings and affordable loans. 

·       The credit union is a savings and loans co-operative where the financial wellbeing of the community is its main aim.


·       The Union is owned by its members and run by its members. All profits were returned to its savers as a dividend paid annually with the amount paid dependent on its performance over the year.


·       The Union now had a new web site: www.wiltshiresavingsandloans.org.uk and was now on Facebook.

The Chairman thanked Martin Smith for his presentation.




Developing Tourism across the Tidworth Community Area

Presentation from Tony PickernellTidworth Community Area Partnership.


Tony PickernellTidworth Community Area Partnership gave a short presentation which highlighted developing tourism across the Tidworth Community Area.


Points made included:


·       Community Tour - drive around Our Community.


·       Many areas of historical interest and natural beauty.


·       Nominate a Councillor to promote Tourism in Your Community


·       Set up a TCAP Tourism Committee


·       Subscribe to Visit Wiltshire, Ludgershall had 14,700 hits last year, and has seen a big increase in visitors to the Town.


The Chairman thanked Tony Pickernell for his presentation.



Safe Places

Presentation from Owen White – Ludgershall Town Council.


Owen White – Ludgershall Town Council outlined the Safe Places scheme.


Points made included:

·       The aim of the Safe Places project was to establish Safe Places across Wiltshire that provided a safe environment for people who may require some additional support when out and about in the community.


·       Safe Places were there to be used when people may feel in need of a little extra help or support for various reasons; for example, during times of anxiety, fear or distress.


·       Businesses and organisations who were part of the Safe Places project would display an A5 size round Safe Place sticker in their window to alert people that they were a ‘Safe Place’.


·       People could choose to carry an ICE card (In case of emergency), which they could show when they used a Safe Place in order to obtain the support they required. These ICE cards were available through the Safe Places scheme and could be obtained from members of the steering group and local libraries.


·       People could also choose to show other emergency and support cards where appropriate, for example, dementia help cards.


·       When a person uses a safe place they would be:


Listened to



Offered time and a safe place to wait

For more information contact Diane Jenkins (Wiltshire Council) email: diane.jenkins@wiltshire.gov.uk  or telephone 01722 432415

The Chairman thanked Owen White for his presentation.


Tidworth Mums - Update

Update from Kayleigh Mooney and Jenna Lock.



Kayleigh Mooney and Jenna Lock – Tidworth Mums advised that:


·       Membership had increased to over 600 during the last six months.


·       The group was no longer just a mother & toddler group.


·       The group had eight new committee members.


·       The group had revamped its website.


·       The group now had a 60/40 military & civilian membership.


The Chairman thanked Kayleigh Mooney and Jenna Lock for their update.



Magna Carta 800 Celebrations - update

Update from Mary Cullen – Community Area Manager.


Mary Cullen Tidworth Community Area Manager, gave an update on the preparations for the 800th anniversary celebrations of the Magna Carta and opportunities for involvement.


Points made included:


·       2015 - national anniversary - want local communities at the heart of activities.


·       Community areas invited to take part in a modern day pageant – from Salisbury Market Square to the Cathedral Close on 15 June.


·       The procession is opportunity to showcase each area and its heritage as a float, giant, theatre production etc…


·       An opportunity to create a modern day Magna Carta (charter) and flags to reflect this.

The Chairman thanked Mary Cullen for his update.



Local Youth Network (LYN) - update

To receive an update from Wendy Higginson – Community Youth Officer.



Wendy Higginson advised that:


·       That a free arts project had been organised at St Andrews Hall to decorate the Baron and banners for the Magna Carta celebrations.


·       Was looking for someone to film footage of a dance project at the Wellington Academy.


·       Bike event on Saturday 23rd May 2015 at the Tidworth Community Centre.


·       Was working Enford young people to set up a dance project.


The Chairman thanked Wendy Higginson for her update.


Community Area Transport Group (CAT-G) - update

Update from Cllr Mark Connolly.


Cllr Mark Connolly advised that:


Budget thisyear isapproximately £13Kincluding arollover fromlast year.



From thisyear, CATGswere requiredto obtain25% fundingfrom Parish and TownCouncils forschemes.  Notnecessarily 25%from each scheme butoverall.  Thiswas tohelp makea small fundsgo further.


The Pelicancrossing inCollingbourneDucis would commence next month.


Havingreviewed thelist ofschemes, the CAT-G wishto seekArea Board approval tofund HGVadvisory signson bothends ofPost Officelane in Netheravon. Thiswould cost£450.


The CAT-G hadasked theLudgershall TownCouncil repto seeif lightingis required between AsterCrescent andSimmondsRoad andto consult residents ofSimmonds Road ifthey wanta residentsparking scheme. Such a schemewould needto beself funding.


The CAT-G arealso investigatingputting barriersat thebottom ofthe steps leading fromThe Knappin CollingbourneDucis.  Prices for this work should be available by nextmeeting andAster had been approached tosee ifthey would part fundthe schemeas itwould benefittheir tenants.


The reportinto theChurch bendsat CollingbourneDucis has been produced.  Aspromised, apublic meetingwill beheld at Collingbourne Ducis Village Hall on10 Juneat 7pm.


Speed Limits on the C32, were now in place.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Connolly for his update.



Community Area Grants

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Grant application packs for the Community Area Grants Scheme are available from the Community Area Manager or electronically at:



Supporting documents:


i.The Community Area Manager outlined the Community Area Grant funding and other funding available to the Tidworth Area Board in the financial year 2015/16:


·       Capital £45,975

·       Digital Literacy £1,500

·       CATG £11,757

·       Youth Funding 11-19 revenue £4,055

·       Youth Funding- LYN £13,865


In 2015/16 only capital funding would be available for community area and digital literacy grants. Area board operational funding and some small project support could be paid from revenue budgets as they allow.



ii.TheTidworth Area Board approved reapplication for award from financial year 2013/14 - Collingbourne Ducis Parish Council - £5000



iii.TheTidworth Area Board awarded Tidworth Community Area Partnership £500 to transport young people to a youth sports event.


Updates from Town and Parish Councils, the Police, the Army, NHS, TCAP and other Partners

To receive any updates.

Supporting documents:


Wiltshire Police – Inspector Christian Lange


·       The written update was noted.



Tidworth Garrison – Col James Denny

Points made included:

·       Army Rebasing – ongoing.


·       That the Army was currently working with Wiltshire Council to facilitate community use of Military sports pitches.


·       Sunday 21st May – 1915 Great War Talks at the Garrison Theatre.


Tidworth Community Area Partnership – Tony Pickernell

Points made included:


·       The Memory cafe was going from strength to strength.


·       The Blue Light Day event was being planned for July 2015.


·       A School sports day was to be held at the Tidworth Oval.



Tidworth Town Council

Points made included:


·       That the Tidworth Town Council were in the process of raising its profile, and was supporting and working with lots of local groups and organisations.


·       Three people had recently applied to become a Town Councillor.


·       That the last Town Council meeting had been very well attended.



Ludgershall Town Council – Owen White

Points made included:


·       That some 300 troops of 26 Engineer Regiment would be marching through Ludgershall on Saturday 30th May 2015 to celebrate being granted the freedom of the town.


·       Ludgershall was holding its fete on Saturday 6th June, venue the Recreation ground.



CCG/NHS - Dr Toby Davies


·       That the Castle Practice was currently a doctor down at the present.


The Chairman thanked everybody for their updates.



Date of Next Meeting and Close

The next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board will be on Monday 20th July 2015 at Enford Village Hall.



·       The next meeting of the Tidworth Area Board will be held on Monday 20th July 2015 at Enford Village Hall.




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