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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Coronation Hall, The Green, East Grafton SN8 3DB

Contact: Sharon Smith  (Democratic Services Officer)

Note No. Item

7:00 pm


Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Area Board Members and officers.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from:


Manningford Parish Council

Upavon Parish Council

Woodborough Parish Council and Road Safety Group

Easton Royal Primary School



To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 12 March 2012.

Supporting documents:



The minutes of the meeting held on 12 March 2012 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Interest

Councillors are requested to declare any personal or prejudicial interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.


There were no declarations of interest.



Chairman's Announcements

Supporting documents:


The Chairman drew the Board’s attention to the Announcements provided within the agenda, namely:


a)    Your say on local waste and recycling sites

b)    Help to Live at Home scheme

c)    Review of polling districts and polling places

d)    Rural Facilities Survey

e)    Pathway Improvements Grants Scheme

f)     Chairman’s Annual Report

g)    Jubilee Event held on 1 May 2012


Additional information was provided as follows:


Help to Live at Home


An event was to be held at Devizes Corn Exchange on Saturday 26 May between 10:30am to 3:30pm.  Those wishing to attend should contact WIN directly to register. 


Jubilee Event held on 1 May 2012


The Pewsey Area Board tent had been visited by the Queen and Prince Phillip.  The work undertaken by Susie Brew, June Pearson and Caroline Brailey in particular to dress the tent was acknowledged.


Clarification was provided by Susie Brew that the posters, timelines and map of the area which were displayed in the tent could be hired for those interested in displaying the material.  Further details on how to book the material can be found on the Grafton Parish Website (www.graftonparish.com). 

7:05 pm


Partner Updates

Supporting documents:


(a)       Wiltshire Police


Inspector Ron Peach referred the meeting to the written update in the agenda.  Key points raised included:


·         End of year performance figures show that crime had reduced over the year by 18%.  There was also an increase in detection of 22%.


·         All vacant positions within the Pewsey area had now been filled.  It was hoped this would allow further improvement in the reduction of antisocial behaviour.


·         There had been a couple of noticeable incidents within the last few months mainly in relation to rural crime.  This included hare coursing where arrests had been made.


·         Non-dwelling burglaries remained an issue but continued to be addressed.


(b)       Wiltshire Fire and Rescue


            Mike Franklin, of Wiltshire Fire and Rescue, referred the meeting to the written update.  Following a question received in relation to retained firemen, the Board were reminded that a consultation was currently underway which included proposals to alter the way firefighters on the Retained Duty System worked, as presented to the Board at its previous meeting.  The closing date for the consultation was 5 June 2012.


(c)        NHS Wiltshire


The update circulated with the agenda was noted.


(d)       Pewsey Community Area Partnership


Bob King, Chairman of the Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP) gave an update on the work of PCAP.  This included:


that PCAP were hoping to appoint to the part-time coordinator position as soon as possible.


·         That PCAP were hoping to appoint to the part-time coordinator position as soon as possible.


·         That PCAP were currently looking for a chairman of a sub-group following a recent resignation.


·         The next meeting would be held on 14 June in Rushall which would include representatives in attendance to discuss housing in rural areas.


(e)       Parish Councils


Pewsey Parish Council were looking for volunteers for ‘Parkwatch’, which was a group that had been established to patrol areas around Pewsey in the evening to help alleviate damage being caused.


Inspector Ron Peach confirmed that there were several street warden schemes across the country which had proved very effective and invited Bob Woodward to speak with Wiltshire Police to ensure a coordinated approach.


Cllr Hall provided the Board with an update on the Great Stones Way which included:


·         That Bathe Association had been employed to draft an impact assessment by the Friends of the Ridgeway (the Group that had proposed the Great Stones Way (GSW)).


·         During a recent meeting each village in attendance had been given 5 minutes each to explain their interest in the GSW with many points raised in objection. 


·         Representatives from Friends of the Ridgeway agreed to visit the proposed route which, it was noted did not include Stonehenge nor Avebury along the route.


(f)        Pewsey Community Area Young People’s Issues Group (CAYPIG)


No update was provided.

7:25 pm


Pewsey Campus - Shadow Community Operations Board (SCOB)

The Board will be asked to approve the principals to be included within the final report that will be considered by Cabinet in September 2012.

Supporting documents:


The Pewsey Shadow Community Operations Board (SCOB) was formed by the Area Board on 9 May 2011 to examine the opportunities of ‘localising’ and maximising on time-sharing of some council services with SCOT members appointed in July 2011.


An initial consultation was undertaken by the SCOB in August/September 2011 and a report with details of the work undertaken and working proposals for the next stage circulated at the Area Board meeting held in October 2011.


A further consultation exercise, which built on the results of the first, was subsequently undertaken from November 2011.  A report providing further details on the outcome of this consultation and working proposals arising was presented where the following points were raised:


·         That the proposals reflected an intention to bring services back into the community.


·         Consultation highlighted that the essential elements of the campus should include leisure, youth, community and satellite services, that these needed to be sustainable for the next 25 years and that the campus should add value to the community and not divert away from the present facilities.


·         A workshop was to be held at Pewsey Vale School on 23 May at 7pm to discuss factors that could preclude people from using the campus to ensure nobody is excluded. 


·         Transport had been taken into consideration as part of the SCOB’s proposals.


·         Feasibility studies would be done by the Design and Build Team who, should the Board support the recommendations proposed, would hold their first meeting on Friday 18 May.  The outcomes of these studies would help guide the case that would be presented to Cabinet.


·         The business case to be submitted to Cabinet would be modelled on previous campus proposals to Cabinet.  This included the Corsham Campus which, although much larger, as a split campus was similar to the proposals for Pewsey.


·         The business case to Cabinet would also include details on future ownership and management structures.


Upon conclusion of discussion the Board were asked to support the proposals within the report.




That the Pewsey Area Board supported the proposals for the development of a community campus and would make the following recommendations to Cabinet:


·         To support a split-site community campus including the present Leisure/Youth complex, the library and a mobile facility, as defined within the report and ensure that the campus included as many of the services required as possible;


·         To develop and deliver the proposed campus with minimum disruption to existing services and facilities to the extent possible; and


·         Request that Cabinet consider the SCOB proposals and associated business case in September 2012.

8:15 pm


Volunteering in Wiltshire

To inform the Board of the work being undertaken with partners to develop and support volunteering in Wiltshire, to include the work undertaken to date to increase the number of people volunteering in Council funded youth centres.


The Community Manager, Volunteering Department, was in attendance to present to the Board the work being undertaken with partners to develop and support volunteering in Wiltshire.  The presentation also included the work taken to increase the number of people volunteering in Council funded youth centres.


In making the presentation the following additional information was provided:


The Volunteer Centre was trying out a new approach to volunteering with ‘time credits’.  The scheme (currently piloting in Chippenham and Salisbury) was hoped to encourage people to get involved in their local community.  For each hour’s volunteer work undertaken a time credit would be earned which could then be exchanged for activities, i.e. hiring a sports hall or a swimming session.


Rural areas were also being considered as part of the pilot scheme with Pewsey suggested as a possible area for future roll out.  Attendees were asked to consider what type of activities volunteers might wish to spend their time credits on in the area and to feed this information back to the Community Manager.


Contact details for Volunteer Centre Wiltshire are:




Tel: 0845 521 6224

7:55 pm


Review of Local Bus Services

To inform the Area Board of the consultation about proposed changes to the Marlborough – Bedwyn – Hungerford bus service.

Supporting documents:


A report on the consultation in relation to proposed changes to the Marlborough – Bedwyn – Hungerford bus service was provided with the agenda.


The Head of Service, Passenger Transport, was in attendance to inform the Board of the proposed changes and to seek assistance to identify the impact of the proposals and alternatives to meet local transport needs, taking into consideration that the current service can no longer be provided in a cost-effective way.


In presenting the report the following points were made:


A consultation information sheet was provided with the agenda with details of the proposed service change.


There were a series of reviews on bus services across the county in part due to a need to make cost savings.  As part of the consultation the needs of rural areas were being sought. 


A questionnaire was being developed and was hoped to be finalised shortly for distribution on buses to seek the views of passengers.


Two proposals had been put forward for consideration within the information pack.  Feedback was sought from the Board in helping the unit to identify any hardship as a result of the proposals, including whether individuals were no longer able to make specific journeys without the current service. 


The proposed service change was to reduce the cost of providing services by reorganising the timetable so that it was operated by fewer vehicles and drivers whilst retaining links to Marlborough and Hungerford from most villages at a time when they were most needed.


Parish and Town Councils and other groups were encouraged to respond to the consultation which closed on 30 June 2012.  Responses can be sent by post to the Passenger Transport Unit or by e-mail to buses@wiltshire.gov.uk.

8:30 pm


Informal Adult Education in Wiltshire

To consult the Boards regarding the future provision of informal adult education in Wiltshire.

Supporting documents:


Wiltshire Council currently provides informal adult education through public libraries, the Family Learning Team and through Urchfont Manor College (due to close in September 2012).


A review of the provision and support of informal adult education is now being undertaken and the views of the Board on the future policy were sought.


Four options were outlined within the report circulated of which the Area Board is asked to comment and indicate which of the options outlined it would wish to be recommended to Cabinet for consideration.


The Service Director for Law and Governance was in attendance to present the report where the following key information was provided:


Informal Adult Education was a non-statutory service that the Council provided.


The four options for consideration, inclusive of pros and cons for each, were presented.  These were:


Option 1 - Take no action

Option 2 - Council to be direct provider

Option 3 - Council to facilitate provision

Option 4 - Council to co-ordinate and promote activities


An on-line questionnaire survey of service users and the public was open until 27 June 2012.  Paper copies were also available from public libraries until 15 June 2012.


Following the consultation a report would be prepared and would be presented to Cabinet in September 2012.


Upon questions received, clarification was provided that Urchfont Manor was expected to be placed on the open market within the next few weeks where the Council would seek to secure the best offer in order to ensure value for money.


Upon discussion those in attendance were asked to vote on the options provided.  The outcome was as follows:


Option 1 – 13%

Option 2 – 17%

Option 3 – 42%

Option 4 – 21%

Option 5 (other) – 8%


The votes of the Board were noted and would be taken into consideration within the final report.

8:45 pm


CATG Update

To consider the report and recommendations arising from the Community Area Transport Group meeting held on 19 April 2012.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman provided an update regarding the work of the Community Area Transport Group (CATG).  This included that the Group had met on 19 April 2012 to consider and prioritise requests for integrated transport schemes.  Recommendations on the schemes to be funded from the limited transport budget were provided within the report circulated with the agenda.


The report included recommendations to the Board for:


Review of C and Unclassified Roads

Area Board Issues 2201 request from Burbage Parish Council to move 30mph limit sign

Addition to SID Rota

Manningford request for weight restriction

CATG Priority List

Applications for Substantive Funding


In addition the issue of HGV Signage in Devizes through A342/A345 was raised.  It was acknowledged that the consultation had ended on 4 May and that responses were being considered for the report to be prepared by the Cabinet member for Transport.


It was hoped that by the next meeting of the Board in July a more detailed and full update would be provided.




Review of C and Unclassified Roads


The roads put forward for review are:


Priority 1 - C8 (the road from Pewsey to Devizes through Wilcot, Alton, Stanton)

Priority 2 - C38 (the road through Alton, Woodborough, Hilcot)

Priority 3 - C52 (the road from Prospect through Manningford and Wilcot crossroads)


The third priority will only be taken forward if the top two priorities can’t be taken forward for whatever reason.


Area Board Issue 2201 request from Burbage Parish Council to move 30mph limit sign.


The Community Area Manager (CAM) to write to Burbage Parish Council and advise that the only way to have the road assessed would be if they would agree to pay the legal fees if the assessment is in favour of the change noting that it may not meet the criteria and that the legal fees are anticipated to be approximately £3,000.


Addition to SID Rota


That Eastcourt Road, Burbage would be added to the SID rota.


Manningford request for weight restriction


That the Area Board agrees that the correct process has been followed and that the Community Area Manager (CAM) would contact the Parish Council to inform them accordingly.


Issue 1957 Traffic Calming/Crossing Woodborough School


That the issue be closed as funding has been awarded for this scheme.


CATG Priority List


To agree the priority list as provided with the agenda


Applications for Substantive Funding


That the Area Board agrees to the applications for substantive funding to be made (Wilcot Road Junction Improvements £8,000 and Pedestrian Access to Pewsey Station £4,000) and that it agrees to an additional £10,000 being ring-fenced from the Area Board budget as a contribution towards the Pedestrian access to Pewsey station scheme which will only be required if both bids are approved.

9:00 pm


Community Issues

Councillor Stuart Wheeler will give an update on the progress made regarding issues which have been raised with the Area Board.


Supporting documents:


Councillor Stuart Wheeler updated the meeting on the Community Issues which had been received by the Area Board. 


The update was noted.

9:05 pm


Community Area Grants

To determine any applications for Community Area Grants.


Supporting documents:


The Area Board considered a number of applications for Community Area Grant funding.  The Chairman invited the local Councillor to introduce each application, following which a representative of the applicant was given an opportunity to give a brief overview of their project to the Area Board.



Shalbourne Cricket Club was awarded £938 towards the cost of developing the Junior Section.

Reason The application met the Community Area Grants criteria for 2011/12 and would support several Pewsey Community Plan priorities.



Great Bedwyn Playgroup and Toddlers was awarded £644 towards a laptop and children’s furniture.

Reason The application met the Community Area Grants criteria for 2012/13 and would support several Pewsey Community Plan priorities, including the provision of quality pre-school education.



1st Upavon Scout Group was awarded £534 towards the reopening of the scout group.

Reason The application met the Community Area Grants criteria for 2012/13 and would support several Pewsey Community Plan priorities, including providing activities for young people aged between 8-12 years old.



Alton Barnes Village Hall Committee was awarded £500 towards the commemoration of 200th anniversary of the cutting of the Alton White Horse.

Reason The application met the Community Area Grants criteria for 2012/13 and would support several Pewsey Community Plan priorities, including encouraging use of the Village Hall as a community focal point.



Rushall and Charlton Village Hall was awarded £1,000 towards security/safety lighting.

Reason The application met the Community Area Grants criteria for 2012/13 and would support several Pewsey Community Plan priorities, including energy efficiency.



Easton Royal Village Hall Committee was awarded £400 towards heating controls for the Hall.

Reason The application met the Community Area Grants criteria for 2012/13 and would support several Pewsey Community Plan priorities, including energy conservation and will help support voluntary organisations and community groups.



Little Bedwyn Parish Council, Wootton Rivers Parish Council and Wilcot & Huisyh Parish Council were awarded £250 each (total £750) towards Jubilee funding.

9:15 pm


Urgent Business

Time permitting, the Chairman will invite questions and comments on issues not covered elsewhere in the agenda.


Supporting documents:


A request from Upavon Parish Council was made for the Board’s approval to approach Highways for an assessment to be made in relation to their request for the switch off of lights in Andover Road.



That the matter would be referred to the appropriate Highways Officer with clarification that this was with the support of the Area Board.


Future Meeting Dates and Close

To note the Forward Plan attached.


The next meeting of the Pewsey Area Board is scheduled for 7pm on 2 July 2012 and will be held at Bouverie Hall, North Street, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5EQ.


The next meeting of the Pewsey Area Board was scheduled for Monday 2 July 2012, 7pm at Bouverie Hall, Goddard Road, Pewsey, Wiltshire, SN9 5QE.


Future meeting dates will be held on:


Monday 10 September 2012 at Bouverie Hall, Goddard Road, Pewsey, Wiltshire, SN9 5QE


Monday 12 November 2012 at Burbage Village Hall, Eastcourt Road, Burbage, Wiltshire, SN8 3AJ


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.





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