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Agenda, decisions and draft minutes

Venue: Salisbury City Hall, Malthouse Lane, Salisbury, SP2 7TU

No. Item


Election of Chairman

To elect a Chairman for the meeting of the Sub-Committee.


Nominations for a Chairman of the Licensing Sub-Committee were sought and it was,




To elect Cllr Pip Ridout as Chairman for this meeting only.


Procedure for the Meeting

The Chairman will explain the attached procedure for the members of the public present.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman explained the procedure to be followed at the hearing, as contained within the “Wiltshire Licensing Committee Procedural Rules for the Hearing of Licensing Act 2003 Applications” (Pages 1 – 6 of the Agenda refers).


Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman will give details of the exits to be used in the event of an emergency.


There were no announcements.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of non pecuniary or pecuniary interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no interests declared.


Licensing Application

To consider and determine an Application for a Premises Licence by Wiltshire Council in respect of; Wilton Development Centre for Young People, The Hollows, Wilton, SP2 0JE.


Supporting documents:


Application by Wiltshire Council for a Premises Licence at Wilton Development Centre for Young People, The Hollows, Wilton, SP2 0JE


The Licensing Officer introduced the purpose and scope of the application, the premises to which it related and the key issues for consideration.


In accordance with the procedure detailed in the agenda, the Applicant was given the opportunity to address the Sub-Committee. There were no responsible authorities or interested parties in attendance.


Key points raised by Mr Kevin Sweeney on behalf of the Applicant were:


·               It was accepted that some residents had objected to the opening of the Development Centre, but that it was deemed the best location and the hours limited to mitigate any concerns.

·               There would not be regular live entertainment or other loud music on the site, but the licence application was to permit such activities to a reasonable degree throughout the year.

·               No expansion of the site was planned.

·               No formal complaints regarding noise, criminal damage or traffic had been received by police or Wiltshire Council officers.

·               Wiltshire Council is happy to continue to meet with local residents to address any concerns.


Opportunity was given to ask questions of the Applicant and Wiltshire Council Officers by Members, and points including the following were raised:


·         There were no plans to drastically change to functioning or activities of the existing centre on the site; the application was merely to meet the licensing obligations.


·         Approximately 15-20 young people use the site on a daily basis, and the only cars using the site belong to the few staff members.


·         The maximum capacity of the centre was approximately 45 due to fire regulations, but the numbers using the site were not expected to increase as the activities offered were not being altered, and would remain indoor activities only.


·         Young people using the site were currently and would continue to be advised not to play music too loud.


The Sub-Committee members sought clarification on some points before retiring to consider the application and were accompanied by the Solicitor for Wiltshire Council and the Democratic Services Officer.


The Sub-Committee then retired to consider the application at 12:45.

The applicant was briefly recalled as the Sub Committee sought clarification on details of the site.


The Hearing then reconvened at 1320.


Following the deliberations of the Sub-Committee Members, the Solicitor for the Council made a statement of material legal advice given in closed session as follows:


That no specific legal advice had been given, other than to draw the Sub Committee’s attention to relevant guidance.


The Sub Committee considered all of the submissions made to it and the written representations together with the Licensing Act 2003, Statutory Guidance and Regulations and the Licensing Policy of the Council




The Southern Area Licensing Sub Committee has resolved to GRANT the licence for the following licensable activities:


Licensable Activity




B - Films

E - Live music

F - Recorded music

G - Performance of dance

H - Anything of a similar description to that falling  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.




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