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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Antrobus House, 39 Salisbury Road, Amesbury SP4 7HH

Contact: Jessica Croman  Democratic Services Officer

Note No. Item



Welcome and Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Amesbury Area Board and thanked the Antrobus House for hosting the meeting.


At the Chairman’s invitation, the Councillors and officers introduced themselves.



Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from:


·       Dave Roberts – Community Engagement Manager

·       Jess Croman – Democratic Services Officer

·       Cllr Lovelock – Shrewton PC





To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 29 September 2016.

Supporting documents:



The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 29 September 2016, were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.


There were no declarations of interest.



Chairman's Announcements

The Chairman will introduce the announcements and invite any questions.


The Chairman made the following announcements:


·       Amesbury Methodist Church had held an afternoon of celebrations for its 200th  anniversary.


·       On the 7 Oct the Chairman had attended the launch of the Human Henge which was a project at Stonehenge, to engage disadvantaged people living in Wiltshire in a therapeutic sensory experience of the World Heritage Site. The restoration trust had received £53,400 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, an Area Board award of £2,224 and £3,000 from English Heritage.


·       He gave congratulations to Jan Tidd and Farley Maloney who had just received charity status.


·       Discussions had been held with MP John Glenn and members of Highways England to discuss the A303, proposals for works were hoped to come through early next year.


·       Wonderful Things – Finds from the Army Basing Programme: Posters detailing an invitation to a presentation by archaeologists leading the excavations at Tidworth, Bulford and Larkhill had been circulated. This would be held at Tidworth Garrison Theatre, on Thursday 8 December, at 6.30pm.



Updates from Partners and Town/Parish Councils

To receive updates from the Town and Parish Council Representatives, and from other partner organisations, including outside bodies on which the Area Board is represented.


Supporting documents:


The Chairman referred to the updates set out in the agenda and invited further updates from Town/Parish Councils and other Partners, including outside bodies.  It was noted that the preferred option was for written updates, to minimise time spent during the meeting.



The new Community Policing model which began just over four weeks ago was still in the early stages but was working well. Any early concerns had not come to fruition. Local priorities were being addressed, and teams were working well now, effectively as a bigger community policing team.


The Police would like to see everyone signed up to Community messaging as it was felt that it was a really useful interactive tool which could be directed to cover specific groups or types of information.


To find out more follow the link: https://www.wiltsmessaging.co.uk/


Questions and comments were then taken, these included:


·       On bonfire night, cones were put out along the road to prevent people from parking their cars whilst at the event, however this did not prevent them and an obstruction was caused, which meant the fire engine could not get through. When people complained to school they were unable to control the situation. No one wanted to know. Answer: This could have been a planning issue.

·       On Halloween night in Durrington 120 people attended the event, the Police were there to assist with the traffic, this had worked really well.

·       Was there an update on the recent spate of catapult damage to car windows? Answer: This was being looked at daily.

·       The speeding traffic on the A36 bypass at Deptford appeared to be getting worse.


Shrewton Parish Council – Chairman Richard Harris

The Parish had recently purchased a couple of Speed Indicator Devices which had been recording data on the London Road.


In the twelve days that these devices were present over 53,600 vehicles passed along London Road. Around 40% of vehicles were travelling in excess of the 30 MPH speed limit with some vehicles in excess of 55 MPH. The maximum speed recorded was in excess of 75 MPH for a vehicle coming in to Shrewton on 21 October.


Work was still awaited following a traffic incident last January where a van went through the railings along the high street. It was thought that this would have been a straight forward repair, paid for by an insurance claim.


The repair to a barrier which was broken in July was also still awaited. The Parish asked for an update on these works. Answer: The Board Chairman would work  with the Parish to move these issues forward.


Durrington Parish Council

As the Blues disco had been so popular the previous time, young people had to be turned away.  This time 200 tickets would be produced and issued to children. The next Disco would be held on 5 December.


Steeple Langford Parish Council

Work had been carried out in the autumn to clear ledges and verges. The Parish asked for clear lines of communication on the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 182.



Army Re-basin in Larkhill

David Penniall, Deputy Garrison Commander of Larkhill Garrison, will give an update on the army re-basing in Larkhill.


Deputy Garrison Commander Dave Penniall gave an update to the Board, the main points included:


The three regiments at Larkhill would go up to 7 by 2020. The real-estate would not get any bigger, as the new homes would be built within the fenced areas, with an additional 440 new homes within the camp near the driving range.


A large area near to the top would be redeveloped with technical equipment going in there.


There would be a new gate and VCP at bottom near the Packway, where the Police building was at present.


Some of the achievements included a new cycle way along the Packway, a new school with 60 extra places, a Doctors and a chemist.


Working with Cllr Wright on the Community Partnership.


There had been changes at the Stonehenge roundabout where children could now cross for the school.


A lot more job opportunities would be created and there was also the possibility of a Tesco or small shop on the site.


There had been a recent event on 5 November in Durrington, aimed at driving people together on a community project with the local garrison.


Comments and questions were then received, which included:


·       Could a copy of the map be put online? Answer – As it was an ever-changing plan it was so difficult to publish it.


·       Was the pharmacy for civilian use as well? Answer: There was a new civilian pharmacy and doctors at Larkhill.


·       Shrewton were experiencing issues with high numbers of army vehicles going through the High street. Answer: The problem was that these vehicles were outside units coming to train here, we are trying to drive this down with HQ.


·       The same issue was found in Bulford, Cllr Smale was due to meet with the Garrison Commander to address the matter.




Ben Jarvis to give a presentation on Splash activities.


Ben from Splash gave an update and thanked the Board for the Grant received. The main point were:


·       Splash formed part of Youth Action Wiltshire which was the youth arm of Community First.

·       It provided free, positive activities during school holidays for young people aged 9-16 who were facing a challenge.

·       Engaging with young people to increase their confidence, self-esteem and social skills, to challenge and empower them.

·       Providing a positive, safe environment where young people were able to flourish.

·       31 young people had engaged in the first 6 months of the partnership agreement.

·       Returns from the bi-annual Parent/Referrer survey in September 2016 recorded these increases; 89% in Self-esteem, 91% in Self-confidence, 79% in Social skills.

·       Working closely with WWT, to facilitate many of their days out for them. With the wild activities being very popular.


Future activities and work:


}  Skate N Scoot in Bulford in October 16

}  Wet N Wild in Salisbury in October 16

}  Fun Animation in February 17 – Venue tbc

}  Full end of term report to be issued March 2017.

}  External funders to be sought to continue to provide a varied programme of positive activities for local young people.


Comments and Questions were then received, these included:


·       The rural areas outside of Durrington and Amesbury also had lots of young people, they had not seen you, it would be good if you could go out to the rural parishes to get the word out. Answer: I would be happy to come over and present the information to them. There are also daytime activities during the school holidays.




To receive presentations from Parvis Khansari, Associate Director for Highways and Transport, and Adrian Hampton, Head of Local Highways.


The Board received a presentation from Parvis Khansari - Associate Director for Highways and Transport, and Adrian Hampton - Head of Local Highways, Weather, Emergency Services and Streetscene – South.


A copy of the presentation slides are attached to these minutes as requested.


The main points included:


·       Information of the process of how we make decisions about which road to maintain, how we prioritise the more minor roads, and how we prioritise our services.

·       The Council had underinvested on roads over the past decades and now had a backlog of maintenance.

·       Wiltshire Council (WC) was responsible for looking after approximately 4500km of roads. To look after this network we have to decide and prioritise how best to look after it and maintain it. We have to have a system to prioritise the work. Information was collected by several methods, there was a survey vehicle which drives all the roads yearly, sending live data to HQ and another vehicle which dragged a wheel along the road to measure friction. A team of people analyse this data, in addition to information coming in from the public and other sources.


·       It was a statutory duty for us to make sure the road is safe, the data tells us which areas the safety features were failing in.


·       A list of priorities was sent to the local members for input and following and slight changes it then goes to Area Board for adoption.


·       Up to 2013 we did not engage local members, as there was not enough funding to make it worthwhile. Then Cabinet gave up additional funding so we started consulting Area Boards on the list of works.


·       The large maintenance jobs over the last 3 years, including skid resistant treatments, resurfacing, surface dressing and hand machine dressing were shown on slides.


Comments and Questions were the received, these included:


·       The resurfacing in Shrewton on the road from Rollestone crossroads all the way down the high street had not been carried out and yet appeared on the map. When we asked the Council, they said the work was never intended to be done, the surface was an issue for cyclists. Answer: The High street had not yet been done as it was not considered as a priority right now. There was a programme for looking at safety issues like that for cyclists; however that area had been classified as safe. If there were more than 3 fatalities in 3 years then it becomes a priority for us. We have 80 of those sites at present, so we must be realistic about what we can achieve.

·       On the approach to Amesbury off the 303, the surface was appalling there. It had been patched up but the skid resistance there was bad. The road can be dropping apart but the skid resistance is ok, how do you bring the two factors together? Answer: There were exceptions to everything we do. Our roads were full of utilities; they come and dig things up regularly.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 185.



Local Youth Network Update and Youth Activities Grant Applications

i.              Updates

ii.            Grants

Supporting documents:


Lead Councillor; Cllr Jamie Capp gave an update. A special meeting of the LYN had been scheduled for Wednesday 30 November, from 5pm in the Hands in Durrington, this would focus on future  priorities.


The board then considered two recommendations for funding from the LYN as detailed in the agenda.



The Amesbury Area Board approved the recommendation of the LYN and awarded the Bridging project - £ 13,030 towards their project, with one condition:


1.     That if they did not find a suitable location in 6 months time then the money would be returned to the Board.



The Amesbury Area Board approved the recommendation of the LYN and awarded the Army Welfare Service £3,993.




Update from the Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

To consider an update and recommendations from the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) in relation to the funding available towards Local Transport Projects.


The Minutes of the latest CATG meeting are attached for information.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman noted the top five priority schemes as discussed at the last CATG meeting, and gave an update on other schemes, which included the following main points:




·       4a   Amesbury Town Centre 

Amendments to waiting restrictions around Town Centre - Work was now complete. London Road, Shrewton would now move into the top 5 priority.


·       4b Orcheston C291 -30mph implementation.

The work order had been raised and was now with the contractor for programming.


·       4c  Shrewton -Review of the current weight limit.

A works order had been raised, given the size of the signs it was likely to be the end of January 2017 before the scheme was installed on site.


·       4d  Winterbourne Earls  - Closure of Ford 

A TRO was currently being advertised.


·       4e    Great Wishford -20mph

No objections had been received and therefore the works order would be raised and passed to the contractor.


Other Priority Schemes


·       5a  High Street /A360 Shrewton - Various lining works

Waiting contact from Parish Council for details.


·       5(b)London Road Shrewton - Request for build outs.

At the meeting in October it had been agreed to move this item into the top 5 priority, once the rest of the top 5 complete design work could commence.


·       5(e)  Winterbourne Stoke  Church Street  - waiting restrictions

No response from Parish Council confirming scheme.


Durrington T C  Double yellow lines.

No contact from Town Council.


·       5(f)  Old Road Cholderton  SP4 0EQ  street light light/illuminated bollard

Work was currently taking place.


·       5(g) Amesbury High /Salisbury Street Amesbury - Reduction on street parking to 30 minutes from one hour

The Town Council wished to proceed therefore this could progress once prioritised by CATG.


·       5 (h) Amesbury Town Centre - 20mph and weight limit.

There had been no contact from the Town Council regarding 20mph.

A request for the weight limit to be submitted to Transport Planning Team for consideration.


·       5(i) High Post Netton - Junction markings and give way signing.

Scheme plans had been submitted to Parish Council for consideration.



Date of Next Meeting Monday 16th January 2017 at 10am in the Redwoth Centre, Amesbury Leisure Centre.




Community Area Grants

To determine the applications for Community Area Grant funding and Members Initiative.


Supporting documents:


At the Chairman’s invitation, Councillor Fred Westmoreland, Lead member for Grants, introduced this item and took the Board through the grants for consideration, as detailed in the agenda.



The application from Brambles preschool was deferred as no one was in attendance to speak on the project.



Amesbury Juniors Football Club was awarded £3,025 towards the purchase of 3 sets of goalposts with the condition:


1.     That if Figheldean Parish Council were able to donate a set of goal posts which met the requirements of the club, then some funding would be returned.


Reason - The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2016/17.



Friends of Maddington Church Room was awarded £1,809 towards their project.

Reason - The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2016/17.



Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital was awarded £898.99 towards the purchase of a washing machine and dryer.

Reason - The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2016/17.



Great Bustard Group was awarded £850 towards the Great Bustard Observation Hide.

Reason - The application met the Community Area Grants Criteria 2016/17.


Councillor Led Initiative

The Board considered an Initiative put forward by Cllr Westmoreland for the  Amesbury Library courtyard restoration project, as detailed in the agenda pack.



The Amesbury Area Board allocated up to £1,000 of funding to the Councillor Led Initiative – Amesbury Library courtyard restoration project.





Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Update

The Board received an update from Phoebe, from the WWT water Team, detailing works carried out after receiving a grant from the Board earlier in the year.




Health & Wellbeing Group

To receive an update.


Lead Member; Cllr Graham Wright gave an update on the recent work of the Group, the main points included:


·       On 7 November the HWB Group visited Tesco in Amesbury to promote their work, along with the Older peoples champions, the Police and Age UK all taking part in the event. Thanks were given for Tesco’s hospitality that day.

·       Additional Volunteers had been found as a result of the event. A second day was planned for 5 December 2016, from 11 – 2pm inside, where people would be dressed in festive outfits, hoping to promote the Health and Wellbeing theme.

·       A future event would be bolted on to Durrington Pool.

·       The next HWB meeting would be held in February.




Older Peoples Champion

To receive an update from Jan Tidd.


The Older People’s Campion, Jan noted that the H&WB initiative had been very well received. She felt that it was good for people to see the Area Board doing things out in the community.


Lots of people came through who were not aware of the work going on in the community, so they had been able to promote it. Jan was looking forward to returning to Tesco in December for the second event, adding that the more times people see the volunteers at places like Tesco, holding these events,  the more like people were to come and speak to us.


The need for help in the community was increasing; the reduction in services for the elderly was being felt. The care system was struggling under the current weight of the need for care.


Jan had recently undertaken safeguarding training for older people’s champions. She was now out and about in the community and urged people to let her know if there was anything specific for her to feed back on.


Cllr Hewitt added that more focus on seeing what could be done to improve the speed which patients were discharged from Hospital, back in to the community was needed.



Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.



Future Meeting Dates, Evaluation and Close

The next meeting of the Amesbury Area Board will be held jointly with the ‘Our Community Matters’ JSA event on the 26 January 2017 at Antrobus House, Amesbury.


The Chairman drew attention to the leaflets at the back of the hall, which detailed information on Extra care housing. The Older People’s Champion added that the extra care housing would be one of the best things that could happen for this area. It would provide extra care in their own homes, for people who would otherwise have to go in to care.


The representative for Healthwatch introduced herself. She would be attending future meetings.


A Joint Strategic Assessment event was scheduled for 26 January 2017.


Next Meeting:

It was noted that the next meeting of the Amesbury Area Board would be held on Thursday 26 January 2017.


The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.


Supporting documents:




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