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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Online Meeting

Contact: Tara Shannon  Senior Democratic Services Officer


Note No. Item

7.00 pm


Chairman's Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman will welcome those present to the meeting.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited the Councillors and Officers present introduce themselves.


The Chairman also noted the procedures for the remote meeting.



Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.



Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Kim Power, Malmesbury Town Council.




To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 16 June 2020.


Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting on 16 June 2020 were presented for consideration

and it was;




To approve and sign the minutes as a correct record.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.


There were no declarations of interest.


7.10 pm


Chairman's Announcements

To receive the following announcements through the Chairman:


·       Area Board Boundary Review Consultation

Due to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England boundary review of Wiltshire Council, some division boundaries will be changing and as a result Area Board boundaries are also subject to change. A consultation on the Area Board boundary changes will run from 10 September 2020 to 31 October 2020, please see links in the agenda pack.

·       Connect 5

The Connect 5 training programme is about mental health and wellbeing. The programme is free of charge and available to community groups and individuals who have a role in supporting mental wellbeing. Contact kerri.lavendar@wiltshire.gov.uk for details.

·       Covid-19

Brief update on Covid-19 and staying safe.

·       Payphones Consultation

BT are consulting on the removal of some payphone kiosks, one of which is in the Malmesbury Community Area. BT offers the opportunity for parish councils and registered charities to adopt a kiosk for just £1, thereby protecting the heritage of the community.

Details about this can be found at http://business.bt.com/phone-services/payphone-services/adopt-a-kiosk/.

The consultation period on the removal of payphones runs until 28 October 2020, please contact Mary.Moore@wiltshire.gov.uk for details. 

Supporting documents:


The following announcements were received:


·       Area Board Boundary Review Consultation

At the Chairman’s invitation Cllr Gavin Grant as Vice-Chairman of the Electoral Review Committee gave an update to the Board. A Local Government Boundary Commission for England boundary review of Wiltshire Council had taken place and it was confirmed that there would still be 98 divisions, however, due to changes in population there would be some alterations to some division boundaries. As a result, some Area Board boundaries needed to be updated. The recommendation was that there would be no changes to the Malmesbury Area Board boundaries. However, a consultation was taking place so if people whished to comment they could email cgr@wiltshire.gov.uk by 31 October 2020.


·       Connect 5

The Chairman invited Cllr Chuck Berry to introduce the announcement. A video was played to the meeting. Connect 5 was a mental health training programme for community groups and individuals which had a role in supporting mental wellbeing. The course was free of charge and people could contact kerri.lavendar@wiltshire.gov.uk for further details.


·       COVID-19

The Chairman gave a brief update on COVID-19. As at Sunday 20 September 2020 there were 1559 cases in Wiltshire. These were not clustered but rather were spread out across Wiltshire. There were no plans to introduce COVID-19 Marshalls in Wiltshire. Schools were back and attendance was good. Of the positive cases in care homes, 70% were in staff members and 30% in residents. This was something the Council would watch carefully and Wiltshire Council had been supporting care homes with PPE.


·       Payphones Consultation

At the Chairman’s invitation Cllr Toby Sturgis announced that BT were proposing the removal of some payphone kiosks, one of which was in the Malmesbury Community Area. Parish Councils could purchase the kiosks for £1, often these were put to use as mini community libraries. A consultation was running until 28 October 2020 and residents could email mary.moore@wuiltshijre.gov.uk to comment.




Community Response to Covid

To receive an update from Cllr John Thomson on the community response to Covid.



The Chairman stated that the board wanted to thank all the community groups who had done so much during the initial COVID-19 response phase. All board members had signed a thank you letter which was sent to community members, parishes and groups who had gone above and beyond to help the young, old and vulnerable. There were over 20 groups and 100 volunteers who had supported vulnerable people during the pandemic.


All the board members and Ollie Phipps, Community Engagement Manager echoed the Chairman’s comments and offered thanks to all volunteers for their extraordinary work.


The community was also urged to adhere to social distancing and government guidelines in order to prevent cases rising.




Auto Speed Watch

To receive an update from Cllr Chuck Berry on auto speed watch.



Cllr Chuck Berry gave an update on Auto Speed Watch. Cllr Berry stated that he was very impressed with what had been happening lately on this front. It was explained that the auto speed watch kit would take a picture of a car travelling at over a pre-programmed speed limit. This removed the requirement for volunteers to stand near to roads with a speed gun. All photos could then be downloaded and the driver’s number plate details noted.


Cllr Berry asked the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Jerry Herbert for his views and experience of Auto Speed Watch and whether there was a cost to the police to determine the address of the speeder. The OPCC were due to be meeting with the board soon and were also looking to review policy concerning technology in this arena. Previous issues had been highlighted in how the Police would deal with the data generated by Auto Speed Watch or similar devices. It was stated that the Police could deal with the data and interrogate databases to determine the registered address of a car, however there needed to be a balance struck between this type of activity and other Police priorities as there were limited resources.


Cllr Berry stated that some parishes were publishing the number plate data and other parishes, where they could identify a vehicle owner (for example a trade vehicle with the phone number on it), would call them to advise they may have been travelling above the speed limit.     


Cllr Berry thanked all Community Speed Watch volunteers and hoped that this technological scheme could develop so that the Police may one day be able to send gentle reminder letters to speeders identified, requesting that they adhere to the speed limit. 


The Board were looking forward to their upcoming meeting with the Deputy PCC regarding Auto Speed Watch.




Rise Trust Youth Work

To receive an update from Danielle Blake on the Rise Trust youth work.



Danielle Blake, Youth Co-ordinator from the Rise Trust gave an update to the meeting. The Rise Trust had been delivering detached outreach to youths in the Malmesbury Community Area since 9 June 2020. Lots of work had been undertaken to provide young people with a person to talk to where they would feel safe doing so. Amongst other things the impact of lock down had been discussed and how anxiety could be managed. If required young people were signposted to other services. The trust looked forward to continuing their work.


Cllr Grant as Chairman of the Local Youth Network congratulated Danielle and the Rise Trust team on their work. It was stated that the quality of their work and reporting was outstanding.   




HEAL Summer Programme

To receive an update from Cllr Gavin Grant on the HEAL Summer Programme.



Cllr Grant as Chair of Trustees of Heals Malmesbury gave an update to the meeting. Heals were grateful that the Area Board had funded the Heals Summer Programme and were pleased to announce that 14 COVID-19 compliant events had been held over the summer. The number of young people involved was a record at 35.


Events held had included a visit to the Westonbirt Aboretum; two outdoor pizza making, cooking and eating sessions at the Red Bull; a Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team event; tennis and cricket events.


Sadly, some of the usual events were unable to take place due to the pandemic, however all the events held throughout the summer had been a great success and all volunteer help was greatly appreciated.




Malmesbury High Street

To receive an update from Cllr Gavin Grant on Malmesbury High Street.



Sarah Wilde of the Malmesbury Town Team gave an update to the meeting.


Nationally footfall was currently down about 38% when compared to the same week last year, however this had risen 1% on the previous week. Smaller towns were doing better than larger towns and out of town shopping centres. Feedback suggested that online sales were up around 48% so it was important for shops to have an online presence.


Malmesbury High Street had narrow pavements and had implemented schemes to make the High Street safe when lock down was relaxed. The bollards were looking tired and it was hoped the measures could be improved.


Malmesbury Town Team which was made up of volunteers, and Malmesbury Town Council worked together to support local businesses, over half a dozen Zoom meetings had been held to discuss issues and information was disseminated to colleagues particularly regarding grants. Two business mentoring sessions were also held which were a great success.


The Town Teams remit was to promote the high street and get people shopping again. Photographs and branding had been developed, such as “feel good, shop local, spend local”. A gift card had been developed for people to spend money locally. Flyers were delivered to over 3000 local residents to promote local shopping. Hospitality businesses had been doing well. A closed Facebook group had been set up for local retailers so that they could support each other.


In response to a question on parking charges being removed during lockdown it was stated by Sarah Wilde and the Board that Wiltshire Council Highways had implemented this measure. The intention had been to promote local shopping. Unfortunately, this had resulted in some people parking in these car parks for long periods. Charges had been reintroduced as restrictions eased which had helped to increase turnover in vehicles parking. At the moment payment machines were not contactless but a request had been put in for Malmesbury to be at the top of the queue when new machines were installed, however they were very expensive and it could take a long time to recoup the outlay. One also had to consider those that did not want to use contactless. Reinstating some of the on-street parking would be welcomed. 




Police and Crime Commissioner

To receive an update from Jerry Herbert, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner on the current police position and activity linked to Covid, in addition to police recruitment following the increase in precept plus the Government’s Uplift funding for additional officers including current training and landing plans.



Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Jerry Herbert gave an update to the meeting.


It was explained that the election for the new PCC and Deputy PCC had been due to take place in May 2020 but had been postponed until May 2021 due to COVID-19. Therefore, the PCC and the Deputy PCC had been invited to stay on for an extra year. The Police and Crime Plan had been updated and was available at www.wiltshire-pcc.gov.uk/Police-and-Crime-Plan. The Annual Report was also available at www.wiltshire-pcc.gov.uk/article/1844/Annual-report.


Details were given regarding ‘Operation Uplift’ and police recruitment. A national announcement by government to increase police officers by 20,000 had been made in 2019. In Wiltshire and Swindon the police force had been at 934 officers, this had been increased and would reach a new figure of 1,050 officers in May 2021.


An update on policing in the pandemic was given. Wiltshire Police followed the College of Policing Guidance to Engage, Explain and Encourage, only Enforcing as a last resort. This had been working well.


A query was raised as to whether it was possible to provide feedback as to the outcome of a complaint regarding breaches of COVID-19 legislation, so members of the public knew whether any action had been taken. Whether this was to Engage, Explain and Encourage or whether to Enforce. It was acknowledged that feedback could be better and this was something the force was working on. The high volume of calls regarding this was an issue.


Thanks was given to all the local police teams.


Cllr Grant mentioned that Malmesbury Town Council was again looking at the possibility of CCTV for hot spots in the town and that Community Safety Partnerships may also be a way forward to tackle issues.


The Deputy PCC stated that the OPCC broadly welcomed CCTV and it could be helpful in investigating certain types of crimes.


The Chairman thanked the Deputy PCC for his update.







Partner Updates

To receive updates from the following partners:


·       Wiltshire Police

·       Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

·       Malmesbury and the Villages Community Area Partnership (MVCAP)

·       Town and Parish Councils



Updates were received from the following partners:


·       Wiltshire Police

CPT Inspector Doug Downing stated that COVID-19 had brought some challenges for Wiltshire Police, but staff had responded well and crime across Wiltshire was down 5%. There had been some local issues with anti-social behaviour, speeding and domestic abuse and these were priorities for the team. Some community protection notices had been acquired for individuals in the area causing anti-social behaviour. Operational challenges were introduced by new COVID-19 restrictions such as the rule of 6, however they adopted the approach to engage and educate first prior to using enforcement.


·       Town and Parish Councils

o   Riverside Community Centre

Ollie Phipps, Community Engagement Manager, gave an update on the Riverside Community Centre which had reopened a couple of weeks prior to the Area Board. There was increased cleaning and social distancing measures in place. The response from the team at the centre had been incredible in order to get the centre open again.

o   Sherston Parish Council

Ongoing issues with HGV’s using weight restricted roads were highlighted. Prior to COVID-19 the parish had been trying to join Lorry Watch, but this had been postponed due to the pandemic and it was hoped that progress could be made on this. A finger post sign in their parish also needed replacing. Cllr Sturgis requested that they send details to him so that he could follow it up for them. The Deputy PCC stated that due to COVID-19, setting up new Lorry Watches had been delayed, it was hoped this would start again soon.


·       Health and Wellbeing Group Update

Ellen Blacker, Health and Wellbeing Champion gave an update. Most HWB work had been delayed due to COVID-19 and Ellen had received over 162 contacts regarding the virus. Moving forwards social groups were not generally very keen to reopen at the moment and this may not happen until after Christmas. An exception was Hortico Plant Centre which had reopened one of their poly tunnels and offered an outdoor social area for people to meet, which had been well received. Ellen was working with Ollie Phipps on restarting the Charlton monthly coffee morning from October, but this would be dependent on the latest news and government guidance. Ellen stated she had met with the Malmesbury PCT care coordinator who was covering the area due to a colleague being on long term sick, and also with Jan Mackenzie who was the community coordinator for Malmesbury, Royal Wootton Bassett and Cricklade. 




Community Conversation - the 'New Normal'

Area Board Members would welcome discussion/ comments around how we are working with the ‘new normal’, how groups/ communities are managing restarting and rebuilding post COVID.



The Chairman explained that the situation had changed since this agenda item was planned which meant that discussion on the new normal may be limited.


Ollie Phipps, Community Engagement Manager, stated that it would be useful for him to understand what the wider community areas were doing, whether COVID-19 support groups were still running, whether there were plans in place for the future and what peoples thoughts were going into the Autumn and Winter. Ollie stated he was happy to discuss this now or for people to email him their thoughts on ollie.phipps@wiltshire.gov.uk.


Cllr Grant stated that the Malmesbury Volunteer Group had been written to, not only to express thanks but to say that they may be needed again in the future. There was a high level of response to say that volunteers would be happy to help again in the future. Cllr Grant also highlighted that through his Malmesbury Heals worked he had noted an increase in serious welfare issues. Cllr Grant thought that welfare and financial issues may increase further as a result of the pandemic and the ending of furlough.


Cllr Sturgis felt it would be helpful if feedback on this could be fed back to Ollie Phipps by email and that we could look at the issues arising at a future area board.


The Chairman stated that he agreed most volunteers seemed willing to help again in the future if required and that there were concerns regarding financial support packages coming to an end and the possibility of people losing their jobs. The Chairman encouraged people to email Ollie Phipps with their thoughts.




Area Board Funding

To note the following grants approved during Covid:


Community Area Grants:

·       Tennis Club Car Park – £2662.00


Total Funds left; £29544.00


Youth Grants:

·       HEALS Summer Programme - £1600.00

·       Rise Youth Work (Summer) - £756.00

·       Rise Youth Work (September – March 2021)- £4050.00

·       Brinkworth Board Gaming Group - £315.00


Total Funds left: £7834.00


Supporting documents:


The Chairman listed grants awarded during COVID-19 so far.


The Board then considered the following applications (full details of which were published in agenda supplement 1):


·       Ashton Keynes Playing fields, £3140.00 towards boiler and flooring replacement at the Bradstone Pavillion.

·       Leigh Parochial Church Council, £2191.00, towards an EcoLoo for Leigh Church.


It was;




That the Area Board note the following grants already awarded during COVID-19:


Community Area Grants:

·       Tennis Club Car Park – £2662.00


Youth Grants:

·       HEALS Summer Programme - £1600.00

·       Rise Youth Work (Summer) - £756.00

·       Rise Youth Work (September – March 2021)- £4050.00

·       Brinkworth Board Gaming Group - £315.00


To award the following community area grants:


·       Ashton Keynes Playing fields, £3140.00 towards boiler and flooring replacement at the Bradstone Pavillion.

·       Leigh Parochial Church Council, £2191.00, towards an EcoLoo for Leigh Church.



Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items or questions.





The next meeting of the Malmesbury Area Board will be held on 17 November 2020, 7.00 pm.



The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and announced that the next meeting of the Malmesbury Area Board would be held on 17 November 2020, 7.00 pm.





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