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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Assembly Room - Town Hall, Cross Hayes, Malmesbury SN16 9BZ. View directions

Contact: Adam Brown (Democratic Services Officer)  Tel: 01225 718038

Note No. Item

7.00 pm


Chairman's Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman will welcome those present to the meeting.


The Chairman welcomed those present to the meeting.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from:


Terry Mockler of Hankerton Parish Council.

Mark Allen of the Malmesbury and the Villages Community Area Partnership.

Sid Jevons of the Malmesbury and the Villages Community Area Partnership.

Ellen Blacker of Good Neighbours.



To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 13 January 2016.

Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 13 January 2016 were considered.



To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 13 January 2016 as a true and accurate record.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.

7.10 pm


Chairman's Announcements

To receive any announcements from the Chairman.


The Chairman made the following announcement:


a)    Area Board Funding 2016/17


The Chairman announced that there had been a 10% reduction to Area Board funding for 2016/17. The Community Area Grant funding would reduce to approximately £39,000, and the Local Youth Network grant funding would decrease to approximately £18,000. The Chairman reported that the remaining grant funds within the 2015/16 budget would be carried over to the next financial year, and the CATG budget would remain the same as 2015/16.






Local Youth Network Update and Applications for Youth Funding

Xina Hart, Community Youth Officer, will be in attendance to deliver an update on the Local Youth Network (LYN) and present the following youth grant applications:


1.     Standing Tall Pilot have applied for £768.00

2.     Malmesbury Skate Park Art Project have applied for £700.00

3.     Oaksey Senior Youth Club have applied for £1890.00

4.     Sherston Parish Council - Pennymead Community Youth Shelter have applied for £3750.00

5.     Ashton Keynes Playing Field MUGA have applied for £5000.00


Procurement: Go Active for Sports in the Parishes - £2650 +VAT


Supporting documents:


Xina Hart, Community Youth Officer (CYO), along with Shaina Snashell and Finn Wood, members of the Local Youth Network Management Group, were in attendance to present the applications for Youth Funding for the Area Board members’ consideration.

It was reported that there was approximately £23,583.53 remaining in the grant budgetfor 2015/16. The process of applying for funding was explained and it was also noted that the Local Youth Network (LYN) were able to procure services and to issue services in for development needs. The Chairman recommended that Parish Council members speak with the CYO if there are any suggestions for further LYN grant funding within the community area.


Xina explained that the Go Active for Sports in the Parishes project would target all Parish Councils within the local area. It was noted that this project was a good example of the success of the new LYN model in terms of building community focus, and the initiative to take the youth club out to the communities.


Xina then referred to the presentation slides and provided an update on youth services in the community area. It was reported that a total of 841 young people in the area responded to a questionnaire where they were asked what they thought was needed in the Malmesbury area, which amounted to 55% of the Malmesbury Community Area’s youth population. Xina reported that the LYN had been able to fund projects in each of these key areas and advised that funding had been agreed for a total of 9 projects in the past year, plus the 6 projects recommended this evening.


It was further reported that there were approximately 584 young people involved in current LYN projects so far, which had almost doubled when compared to last year with a total of 302 young people involved.


Xina advised that a Youth Fair would take place at the Malmesbury Town Hall on 19 March 2016 from 10.00am, and this would be a chance for individuals to see what was going on in the local area. It was also noted that events for young people were now being publicised through Facebook at www.facebook.com/MalmesburyLYN


A query was raised regarding the feasibility of the LYN sending invitations to the 841 young people that provided a response to the questionnaire to ask them to get involved with the Facebook page to build the community network. Xina advised that contact details were now being taken for individuals involved in the LYN.




1.     To award Standing Tall Pilot with £768.00 on the following condition:

a)    The group obtain Public Liability Insurance and present the Insurance Certificate to the Community Youth Officer in advance of project mobilisation.

2.     To award Malmesbury Skate Park with £700.00 towards the Art Project.

3.     To award Oaksey Senior Youth Club with £1890.00.

4.     To award Sherston Parish Council with £3750.00 on the following conditions:

a)    Planning permission is approved for the Shelter if required.

b)    Match funding from Sherston Parish Council is confirmed.

c)    Policies are  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.



Local Highways Investment Fund 2014-2020

Jim Bailey, Principal Engineer, will be in attendance to introduce and item where the Area Board will be asked to agree a proposed road resurfacing and maintenance programme with a list of proposed local schemes for 2016/17.

Supporting documents:


Jim Bailey, Principal Engineer and Bill Parks, Head of Service Local Highways (North), were in attendance to update the Area Board on the Local Highways Investment Fund 2014 – 2020 as at the end of year 2 of the 6 year project.


The Area Board members were referred to the Executive Summary and associated appendices as detailed within the agenda pack, and were asked to consider the proposed road resurfacing and maintenance programme along with the proposed local schemes for 2016/17.


Jim Bailey noted that the investment was being targeted at those roads in worst condition, including both main and minor roads. The assessments had been undertaken based on road safety information and road condition data, which had been used to prepare the annual list of priority sites. 


It was explained that there were other factors to consider which were of equal importance i.e. drainage of clay land, wet winters and ensuing water was removed from the roads. It was noted that it is important that farmers ensure ditches are cleared to minimise drainage issues.


A query was raised as to whether all priority 1 sites were to be addressed as some were not included within the appendices. Jim Bailey clarified that the information listed within the agenda pack referred to the 2016/17 1 year plan, and the 5 year programme was ongoing. It was explained that works were re-prioritised year on year based on safety issues, and some works will move in terms of their priority.


The Chairman requested an update with regard to the pothole repair at Gloucester Road. Bill Parks advised that the pothole had been filled as a temporary repair on a number of occasions, but in order to carry out the permanent repair, a road closure would be required which would involve appropriate programming.  It was explained that the timeframe to finalise the permanent repair would be approximately 6 weeks, and the emergency services would need to be made aware of this closure. Bill Parks confirmed that the pothole would be kept safe until the permanent repair could be undertaken.


The Chairman noted the name of the new Highways Coordinator as Rebecca Busby, contactable via email at Rebecca.Busby@wiltshire.gov.uk or by telephone on 01249 468553. It was agreed that Rebecca Busby would be invited to attend the next Area Board meeting on 04 May 2016.


It was further noted that the next Town and Parish Involvement Evening would take place on 19 April 2016 from 7.10pm – 9.00pm at Monkton Park, Chippenham.




1.     To note the work completed so far in connection with the ‘Local highways Investment Fund 2014 – 2020.



Legacy Campaigns Presentation 2016

To inform Boards of the Legacy campaigns for 2016, to include:


  • Clean for The Queen
  • Queen’s 90th Birthday Street Parties
  • The Big Pledge Road to Rio
  • Getting Active- Walking and Cycling activities in Wiltshire


Guides will be given for each of the above to provide further info to the community about how to get involved.


Ollie Phipps, Community Engagement Manager, was in attendance to provide a presentation on legacy campaigns within the local area.


The Clean for the Queen Campaign was introduced which would take place on 04, 05 and 06 March 2016 in preparation of the Street Parties for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. Malmesbury had purchased their own litter picking kits, and 8 kits had been purchased for 10 people to use per kit. The Parish Council representatives involved in the scheme were encouraged to collect the kits at the end of the meeting.


Cllr Sturgis encouraged individuals involved in the campaign to sort through the waste whilst it was being collected to identify items of recycling. It was also suggested that coloured tape be used to mark the bags for different items of recycling.

A question was raised with regard to litter picking on the main roads, and whether volunteers would be expected to do this. The Chairman advised that litter picking on high speed roads would be undertaken by a professional team, which was later confirmed by Bill Parks. It was also confirmed that litter picking on ‘A’ roads was scheduled to take place next month. The Chairman requested that parish councils check their insurance cover for volunteers working with them on charity schemes. 


Ollie Phipps also advised of the further legacy campaigns taking place in Wiltshire such as the Big Pledge ‘Road to Rio’, and cycling and walking events including Cycle Wiltshire. It was explained that volunteers could get involved in these campaigns by visiting the Wiltshire Council website, which would also provide them with a tool to log miles and distances.  


Ollie Phipps explained that eGuides were available which could be obtained through him, which included detail on road closures along with further information relating to the legacy campaigns.



Malmesbury Extra Care Scheme

Janet O’Brien, Head of Housing at Wiltshire Council, and Doug Furlong, Abbeyfield Extra Care, will be in attendance to provide a presentation and update on the Burnham House Extra Care Scheme.


Doug Furlong, Abbeyfield Business Manager was in attendance to provide a presentation on the Burnham House Extra Care Scheme.


The Extra Care Scheme was explained which is to be built in partnership with Wiltshire Council for individuals of 55 years and above. There will be a total of 49 flats, specifically 41 x two bed and 8 x one bed flats, which are being built on the grounds of the former council care home at Burnham Road. The scheme will be let in partnership with Wiltshire Council via Homes4Wiltshire. One third of the properties will be sale leasehold, and the rest will be affordable rented.


The independent living scheme will also incorporate various communal facilities such as a full commercial kitchen, quiet/spirituality room, and a ‘men in sheds project’ to help improve social engagement.


The project is due for completion in April 2017, and Abbeyfield hope to be in a position to recruit volunteers in October 2017. There are approximately 20 vacancies on the scheme, and the contact details for individuals interested were: Doug Furlong, Business Manager at d.furlong@abbeyfield.com or Heather Boulton, Administrator at h.boulton@abbeyfield.com.


Doug Furlong further advised that if there were any issues or concerns with regard to parking around the site, individuals should make contact with the site manager directly.


Cllr Berry noted that Susan Desrosiersof Age UK and Ellen Blacker of the Older Persons Champion would be a good source of volunteers for the scheme.



Planning Update

A planning update will be delivered by Cllr Toby Sturgis with the chance to ask questions.


Cllr Sturgis was in attendance to provide an update on planning along with the responsibilities of the department.


It was explained that the core strategy had been adopted by Wiltshire Council which sets out the number of houses to be built within the local area up to 2026. The houses are to be built at the rate required to reduce the deficit, and it was noted that 20% more houses were completed last year than the year before. It was also explained that there had been a recent change to the policy with the introduction of the community infrastructure policy in May.


Cllr Sturgis advised that additional sights are to be identified for housing needs in Wiltshire up to 2026, and these had already been identified in the Malmesbury area. Neighbourhood plans are vital to agree sustainable sights for housing, and Cllr Strugis explained of the importance of reviewing these plans in advance of correspondence with developers, as it is vital that we adopt a plan led operation to agree sustainable locations for housing needs.


As part of the army re-basing plans, approximately 760,000 military personnel will return from Germany in 2020 and Wiltshire Council are working closely with Defence Infrastructure Organisation to process the large number of planning applications submitted.


Cllr Sturgis advised that the 5 year land supply is reviewed annually which will be reviewed again in April. 



Area Board Funding

Councillors will be asked to consider the Community Area Grants report and make recommendations on the applications received:


1.     Little Somerford Parish Council have applied for £5000.00 for Updating of Play Park.

2.     Cotswold Water Park Trust have applied for £5000.00 for Clayhill Picnic Area Improvements.

3.     Oaksey Playground committee have applied for £5000.00 for Renewal and Expansion of Oaksey Playground.

4.     Sherston 1016 have applied for £2500.00 for Battle of Sherston Millennium 1016 – 2016.

5.     ART GROUP (ART LIFT FOLLOW ON) have applied for £500.00 for Art supplies for follow on Artlift group Malmesbury.

6.     Wilts & Berks Canal Trust have applied for £990.00 for Restoration of Community Space at Peterborough Arms.

7.     Athelstan Museum have applied for £5000.00 for Athelstan Museum Malmesbury Coin Hoard Conservation and Display


Councillor Led Initiative

1.     Toby Sturgis – Councillor Led Application £480.00 for Norton Bridge Repair

Supporting documents:


Ollie Phipps, Community Engagement Manager, was in attendance to present the applications for Community Area Grant Funding.


Members of the public were in attendance to support the applications for Oaksey Playground Committee and Sherston 1016 for the Battle of Sherston Millennium 1016 – 2016.


The Councillor Led initiative for the Norton Bridge repair works were discussed and Cllr Sturgis advised that the £480.00 application related to  the material cost only, and the works will be carried out by volunteers. It was also confirmed that the bridge repair works related to the foot bridge as opposed to the highways bridge.


Ollie Phipps reported that there had been a total of 16 grants awarded this financial year totalling £41,743.00, with a total project value of approximately £202,238.00.



1.     To award Little Somerford Parish Council with £5000.00 for updating of the play park.

2.     To award Cotswold Park Trust with £5000.00 for Clayhill Picnic Area Improvements.

3.     To award Oaksey Playground Committee with £5000.00 for the renewal and expansion of Oaksey Playground.

4.     To award Sherston 1016 with £2500.00 for the Battle of Sherston Millennium 1016-2016.

5.     To award Art Group (Art Lift Follow On) with £500.00 for art supplies for the follow on Art Lift Group.

6.     To award Wilts and Berks Canal Trust with £990.00 for the restoration of the community space at Peterborough Arms with the following condition:

a)    The works being undertaken following on from the funds contributed by Dauntsey Parish Council are completed in advance of these funds being drawn down.

7.     To award Athelstan Museum with £5000.00 for the Athelstan Museum Malmesbury Coin Hoard Conservation and Display.

8.     To award the sum of £480.00 for the Councillor Led Initiative for the Norton Bridge repair works.




Update from Community Engagement Manager

An update will be provided by Ollie Phipps, Community Engagement Manager (CEM) for the Malmesbury community area.


Due to timing issues, the Wiltshire Assembly videos that were going to be shown as updates under this item were deferred to a future meeting.



Partner Updates

To receive updates from the following partners:


a.     Wiltshire Police

b.     Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

c.     Healthwatch Wiltshire

d.     Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

e.     Malmesbury and the Villages Community Area Partnership

f.      Malmesbury Campus

g.     Highways Community Co-ordinator

h.     Town and Parish Councils

Supporting documents:


a)    Wiltshire Police


A written update was included within the agenda pack.


b)    Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service


A written update was included within the agenda pack.


c)     Healthwatch Wiltshire


A written update was included within the agenda pack.


d)    Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)


No update.


e)    Malmesbury and the Villages Community Area Partnership


No update.


f)      Malmesbury Campus (Riverside Centre)


Catherine Doody from Malmesbury Town Council was in attendance to update on the Campus Project.


Catherine reported that the Campus project was progressing well and the group were applying for charitable status. It was advised that open days took place at the Riverside Centre on Wednesday 27 January and Saturday 30 January which were attended to by over 40 people. Catherine explained that this type of venue was important so that events could be hosted, which are key to bring members of the community together. The Chairman explained that the proposed plans for development were under consideration by Wiltshire Council, and once the lease matters had been finalised, the scheme would be progressed.


g)    Highways Community Co-ordinator


A written update was included within the agenda pack.


h)    Town and Parish Councils


No update.



Community Area Transport Group

The Area Board will be asked to consider the recommendations from the 09 February 2016 Malmesbury Community Area Transport Group (CATG) meeting outlined in the report.

Supporting documents:


The Chairman referred to the list of Community Area Transport Group recommendations from the meeting held on 09 February 2016 as presented within the agenda pack.


The Chairman noted the items listed with key progress:


Issue 3963 - New Pavement Holloway Hill Malmesbury

-        CATG agreed to allocate £8.000 for the project and allocate as a priority 1 scheme.

Issue 3897 - Road safety concerns bottom of Swindon road Malmesbury

-        CATG agreed to allocate 75% of cost and allocate as a Priority 1 scheme

Issue 3309 - Willesley village seeking 30mph speed limit

-        Further Metro count to be undertaken to re-assess risk and ascertain numbers still contravening the No Entry

Issue 4042 - Chuch Street/Noble Street, Sherston. HGVs demolishing Sherston at Jubilee Triangle

-        Anticipated costs of £1500. CATG agreed to fund £1200 with the remainder payable by PC. Allocated as Priority 1 scheme.



To close the following issues:


Issue 4189 - Crabmill lane surface is breaking up and subsiding

Issue 4144 - A429, both directions, under Kingway railway bridge between Corston and Hullavington Road surface on A429 Hullavington and Corston

Issue 4023 - Road safety near school collection point in Lea village, B4040

Issue 3743 - Improve safety at B4696 / Swan Lanejunction Leigh

Issue 3616 - B4014 where it crosses the county border with Gloucestershire. Request for signage and lines on B4014 Fosse Way

Issue 3567 - Brinkworth, garden of Causeway End Farm, SN15 5DL Accidents on B4042 west end of Brinkworth

Issue 3520 - Speed on Foxley Road Malmesbury

Issue 3190 - Issue 3190 and 3164, Pedestrian crossing on A429 near Blicks Hill

Issue 3129 - Request for a footpath in Great Somerford

Issue 4184 - Speeding traffic, in particular HGV’s on A4069 Dauntsey Lock




The date of the next meeting will be Wednesday, 4th May, 2016 7.00 pm at Sherston Village Hall, High Street, Sherston, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 0LH


The next meeting of Malmesbury Area Board would be on Wednesday, 04 May 2016, 7.00pm, at Sherston Village Hall, High Street, Sherston, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 0LH.




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