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Wiltshire Police and Crime Panel

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Information about Wiltshire Police and Crime Panel

The Wiltshire Police and Crime Panel has been established to hold the Police and Crime Commissioner to account and scrutinise their work. The panel will act as a critical friend to the Commissioner – to support the Commissioner as well as challenge them.

The panel has important decision making powers in that it can veto the precept and Chief Constable appointment.

The panel will:

·       review, put questions to the Police and Crime Commissioner at a public meeting, and make a report or recommendation (as necessary) on the annual report;

·       review the Police and Crime Plan and ensure local priorities have been considered;

·       hold confirmation hearings in respect of proposed senior appointments made by the Police and Crime Commissioner and report on the proposed appointment of the Chief Constable;

·       review and make a report and recommendation (as necessary) on the proposed precept;

·       fulfil functions in relation to complaints about conduct matters, in accordance with the responsibilities accorded to the panel by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011;

·       appoint an Acting Police and Crime Commissioner if necessary;

·       suspend the Police and Crime Commissioner if it appears to the panel that the Commissioner has been charged in the United Kingdom or Isle of Man with an offence which carries a maximum term of imprisonment exceeding two years.

Further details about the panel can be found here.

To access the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website please click here.

Additional information about Police and Crime Comissioners is available from the Home Office:

Police and crime commissioners - GOV.UK (


The PCP expenditure is as follows:

Financial Year

Panel Administration Costs

Expense and allowance claims



























£ 53,889.57


£ 64,810.57






















Individual member expense and allowance claims can be viewed as part of Wiltshire Council’s published allowances here.