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Agenda item

Home Care (Adults) Recommissioning

      Report of the Chief Executive



Cllr Jane Davies, Cabinet Member for Adult Social care, SEND, Transition and Inclusion presented the report which provided an update on the Wiltshire Council procurement process for homecare services and set out the approach being taken.


Cllr Davies explained that the three joint commissioning priorities, detailed in the report, supported the working themes in the Council’s business plan 2022 to 2032. Cabinet noted that Homecare plays a vital role in meeting these priorities in the local health and care system, and the importance of having a sustainable homecare market providing flexible and good outcome-focussed care. 


The report detailed the proposals to support the tender and award of a new contract for homecare services, to be called the Wiltshire Living Well at Home (WLW@H) – Alliance. It set out the background, purpose, scope, plan, risks and benefits of the proposed approach to recommission homecare provision in Wiltshire. It was noted that the current contract ended on 31 October 2022.


Cllr Alford welcomed the new approach in particular the increase in the number of smaller geographical zones to help providers create more efficient runs, decreasing travel times, support more effective recruitment and enable more targeted offers of packages of care.


Cllr Gordon King, Vice-Chair of the Health Select Committee confirmed that he, Cllr Johnny Kidney, Chair of the Health Select Committee had met with the Cabinet member and officers on 5 April 2022 to discuss the report. The Members noted the progress being made over the last 4 years and challenges of operating the 3-zone model. The members welcomed the new approach and supported the proposals in the report. They asked officers to provide an update on progress to the Health Select Committee on 18 January 2023.


In response to questions, Cllr Davies confirmed that the Shared Lives Programme had been taken into account alongside the development of the new approach, officers had profiled demand, and the management costs of providing the service would be structured to allow for a living wage.




  1. That officers continue to undertake to prepare and complete the tender programme, award and implement a new contract for homecare by 01 November 2022.


  1. To endorse the approach and agree that officers continue with actions identified in the tender timeline (see paragraph 48), which includes:


  • Developing and implementing a service model informed by demand and supply analysis (see Appendix 1) and market engagement


  • Route to market through a Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)


  • Implementing a pricing strategy to manage tender price submissions


  • Creating a flexible framework to allow innovation and incentivise payments to help reduce registered homecare provision


  1. To delegate authority to approve and implement the evaluation pricing strategy, award a new contract and future mini competitions and all associated documents to the Director Procurement & Commissioning in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, SEND and Transition and Inclusion, the Corporate Director People and Corporate Director Resources/Deputy Chief Executive.


Reason for Decision:

The purpose of this paper is to provide an update to Cabinet on the Wiltshire Council procurement process for homecare services and sets out the approach that is being taken.


Cabinet is asked to authorise the method outlined to complete a tender process that delivers value for money through the new contract.


This report is seeking approval to delegate authority to award contracts, in relation to the services being commissioned by Wiltshire Council (see paragraph 34).


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