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Agenda item

Wiltshire Council Staff Survey 2012

A report showing overall results for staff is attached.


The Committee received a report showing overall results of the Wiltshire Council Staff Survey 2012.


It was noted that theCouncil had lastsurveyeditsemployeesinFebruary2011 from which staff had stated that theywanted:


    Moreconsistentand regularinformation

    Greater respect andrecognition

    A greaterunderstandingon whydecisionsare made

    Tobe consultedwhendecisionsaremade


InresponsetheCouncil had:


    Introducedregular blogsfromseniormanagers

    Undertakenhub visitsfromseniormanagement

    IntroducedTheDirectoryand Microsoft Lync

    Arrangedemployeeand management forums


    IntroducedHR Direct

    Introducednew usesofsocial mediasuch asTwitter

    Introducedadditional corporateawards

    Introduceda newand improvedappraisal solution

    Agreeda yearlystaff surveytocapturestaffviews

     Offeredsenior managementattendancetoattendteam meetingsupon   invite

    Communicatedthe2011-2015Business Plan


The Committee was pleased to note that the response rate from staff responding to the Survey had increased from 55% in 2011 to 60% in respect of the recent Survey carried out in November 2012.   It was also noted that the positive feedback responses had all increased since 2011.


The analysis of the Survey had also shown that, once again, there were four organisational wide priority areas for improvement which were as follows:-


1.        WiltshireCouncil employeesneed toreceive moreconsistentand regular informationand,inparticular, clarity isneeded onwhychangesarebeing madeby ourleadership team.


2.        Communicationneeds tobe openand honest in order to givestaffconfidenceinour leaders.


3.        The Council needstofurtherdevelopa culturewhererespect andrecognitionisembedded.


4.        Wiltshire needs to ensure that it is committed to customer satisfaction and that all our staff are part of this.


The Committee was informed that officers were considering these four areas where improvements were required, together with other areas where discontent had been expressed, and responses on actions being taken would be requested later in the year.  


It was suggested that future Staff Surveys should include a column showing numbers of staff who had not responded to specific questions.


There was a general discussion about the Council’s appraisal system and it was emphasised that it was mandatory for all staff to receive an annual  appraisal and quarterly reviews.  An electronic appraisal system was now in use which assisted in the monitoring and tracking of appraisals.  It was suggested that consideration be given to providing a training session on the appraisal scheme for Members of this Committee.




(1)          To note the contents of the report.


(2)          To request that future Staff Surveys should include statistics showing the number of staff who did not respond to specific questions.    


(3)          To request the provision of a training session on the appraisal scheme for members of this Committee.



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