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Decisions published

15/08/2019 - HTW-19-19: Various Roads Burbage - 20 MPH Speed Limit ref: 1397    Recommendations Approved

To consider the comments received following the formal advertisement of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), relating to the introduction of a 20 mph speed limit on various roads within Burbage as listed below and to recommend an appropriate way forward.


Road Name


Ailesbury Way

The complete length

Blackmans Lane

The complete length

Burroughs Drove

The complete length

C205 Wolfhall Road

From its junction with Eastcourt Road for a distance of 42 metres in a north easterly direction

Callow Croft

The complete length

Croft Corner

The complete length


The complete length


The complete length

Eastcourt Road

From its junction with Taskers Lane and Eastcourt to a point 53 metres north of its junction with A338 Grafton Road

East Sands

The complete length

Henrys Garth

The complete length

Lavington Close

The complete length

Martingale Road

The complete length

Saddlers Way

The complete length


The complete length

Suthmere Drive

The complete length

Taskers Lane

From its junction with High Street to its junction with Eastcourt

The Cleavers

The complete length

Webbs Way

The complete length (including southern spur)


Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Waste

Decision published: 15/08/2019

Effective from: 03/09/2019


I approve that:


(i)            The proposal be implemented as advertised.

(ii)          The objectors be informed accordingly.


This decision wsa published on 23 August 2019 and will come into force on 3 September 2019.



07/08/2019 - HTW - 18-19 - AMENDMENT TO THE TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER FOR WEST ASHTON ref: 1394    Recommendations Approved



(i)             Consider responses to the advertised proposals for the introduction of School Keep Clear restrictions to the Traffic Regulation Orders applicable for West Ashton.


(ii)            Recommend the making of the Orders.


Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Waste

Decision published: 29/07/2019

Effective from: 16/08/2019





I approve that the decision to proceed with the proposals should be made.


This decision was published on 08 August 2019 and will come into force on 16 August 2019.






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