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B3098 (Church and High Street) changes within Market Lavington for Public Safety

We the undersigned petition the council to • Introduce traffic calming to slow the speed of traffic and force adherence to the 20mph speed limit; including the use of speed humps and ramps as well as restricting the road width coupled with widening of footpaths. • Widen the existing footpaths to accommodate a mother and child walking without limitation or prejudice from the encroaching vehicles. • Introduce a weight restriction of no more than 7.5t along the length of the B3098 within Market Lavington, exempting access for deliveries within the village. • Introduce flow control of traffic to force one-way movement and prevent larger vehicles passing at narrow points in the form of traffic lights. • Emplace bollards to protect pedestrians and form a barrier between the road and footpath at narrow sections of the footpath and road. • Emplace pedestrian crossings at key points of Church and High Street to allow the safe crossing of the road by pedestrians. • Improve street lighting to illuminate the footpaths and pedestrians

It is apparent that there are two key areas along Church and High Street in Market Lavington where the footpath is perilously close to the road (adjacent to the community centre and also adjacent to the surgery and primary school). Given the road is two-way coupled with the sheer size and weight of traffic that transits along the B3098 there is an accident waiting to happen.

There has already been an incident of an elderly resident being struck by a car side mirror resulting in serious damage to their arm and in recent years Rose Cottage on Church Street was damaged when two vehicles that were far too big for the road attempted to pass at a narrow point resulting in one of them crashing into the cottage's retaining wall.

Despite the recent warnings in the form of buildings damage and injury, the inaction of the local authority (Wiltshire Council) to take charge of the situation and remedy the short comings with relatively modest and affordable measures must be rectified. The council has a responsibility to protect the populous, the first duty of government, and the situation needs to be rectified immediately before grievous injury or death is the result of inaction.

This ePetition ran from 30/11/2020 to 21/01/2021 and has now finished.

66 people signed this ePetition.




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