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Co-opted members of the council

The Council values input from professionals when considering issues that relate to services provided to the people of Wiltshire. To be able to obtain as much input as possible the Council appoints co-opted members to a number of its bodies, both decision-making, and consultative.

Co-opted members

Co-opted members are people who are chosen by the appropriate body to represent a specific area of interest or issue of consideration. These representatives are not elected members of the Council, and are appointed because of their level of knowledge and experience, such as headteachers, diocesan representatives. These co-opted members make a very useful contribution to discussions and help make the correct decisions in relation to important matters.


Co-opted members receive the following allowances.

Co-opted Members’ Allowance


2018/19 (2% rise)

Non-voting co-opted member of the Standards Committee 



Independent co-opted member of the Police and Crime Panel



Co-opted voting member of the Children’s Select Committee




List of Co-opted Members

Non-voting co-opted members of the Children’s Select Committee

Tracy Cornelius – Primary Head Teacher Representative

Sarah Busby – Secondary Head Teacher Representative

John Hawkins – School Teacher Representative

James Wilkins – Children and Young People’s Representative

Paul Daniel – Further Education Representative

Voting co-opted members of the Children’s Select Committee

Jill Hughes – Primary Parent Governor Representative

Dr Mike Thompson - Clifton Diocesan RC Representative

Co-opted Independent Member of the Police and Crime Panel

Anna Richardson

Maime Beasant

Non-voting co-opted Member of the Standards Committee

Richard Baxter

Philip Gill MBE

Michael Lockhart

Pam Turner

Voting Employer Representatives on the Pension Fund Committee

Linda Stuart

Diane Hall

Non-voting members on the Pension Fund Committee

Mike Pankiewicz

Stuart Dark




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