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Information about Dispensations


Dispensations enable Unitary Councillors, Members of Town and Parish Councils, and co-opted members, provided certain criteria are met, to speak and/or vote on business at a meeting of their respective authority when they have a prejudicial interest. Dispensations are granted by Wiltshire Council’s Standards Committee.

The Members Dispensation Request Procedure, which includes an application form: Members Dispensation Request Form explains the purpose and effect of dispensations and the criteria which Wiltshire Council’s Standards Committee apply in determining dispensation requests. Please note that application forms must be submitted to the Monitoring Officer at least 14 days before the meeting for which the dispensation is required. Applications may be accepted within a shorter period in exceptional circumstances, but we cannot guarantee being able to convene a Dispensations Sub-Committee at short notice.

Please note that applications for dispensation must be submitted by members on an individual basis. Group applications are not permitted.

Standards for England has produced some additional guidance to help describe when standards committees can grant dispensations. The Standards for England guidance can be viewed here Guidance from the Standards Board for England on Dispensations.




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