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What information should my Petition contain?

What is not suitable for a Petition? page

Petitions submitted to the council must include:

• a clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition. It should state what action the petitioners wish the council to take, and call for the council to take action
• the name and address and signature of any person supporting the petition

You will also need to decide how long you would like your petition to be open to signatures. Most petitions run for six months, but you can choose a longer or shorter timeframe, up to a maximum of 12 months.

Petitions should be accompanied by contact details, including an address, for the petition organiser. This is the person the council will contact to explain how they will respond to the petition. The contact details of the petition organiser will not be placed on the website. If the petition does not identify a petition organiser, the council will contact the first named signatory to the petition to agree who should act as the petition organiser.




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