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What is a Petition

A Petition is an effective way of highlighting a local issue or cause you feel deserves recognition and action, Wiltshire Council accepts paper petitions and online petitions

We will treat as a petition anything which identifies itself as a petition, or which a reasonable person would regard as a petition, and which does not fall under the exclusions listed in the scheme. Further information is available here.

However when it is less clear whether or not the correspondence received falls under the Wiltshire Council Petitions Scheme, the Council will make a judgement whether to deal with it under the terms outlined in the scheme or under another procedure that is more appropriate, and we will keep those involved updated at all times.

As a minimum, a local authority’s petition scheme must apply if a petition meets all of the following criteria:

• it calls for the authority to take action
• it is signed by the requisite number of people who live, work or study in the local area
• it is made under another enactment but does not qualify under that enactment
• If made electronically, it is made through the authority’s e-petition facility




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