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Outside body

Shadow Community Operations Board - Calne


Organisation Aims - To maintain an overview of the community campus project including design of the building and discussing which services should be located within the building.


Monthly meetings in the locality


Appointed by Calne Area Board





·       Wiltshire Councillor (Wiltshire Council)

·       Cllr Caroline Ramsey (Calne Town Council and Calne Leisure Centre Management Board, Vice-Chairman)

·       A 6th form representative from John Bentley School

·       Mr Malcolm Gull (Calne Community Area Partnership)

·       Mrs Anne Henshaw (Calne Area Transport)

·       Mrs Sam Shuker (John Bentley School)

·       Cllr Richard Aylen (Calne Without Parish Council)

·       Mrs Ros Griffiths (Wiltshire Council Officer)


Additionally, the following are co-opted, non-voting members:

·       Denise Cooper, Equalities and Inclusion

·       Linda Roberts, Calne Town Council and Beversbrook Sports and Community Facility

·       Nick Cooper, Marketing and Publicity




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