Download calendar details as a vCalendar file

Regulatory Committee (KDC)

Click the following link to download an electronic calendar update, or vCalendar, containing .

Download the events for Regulatory Committee (KDC) from 28/09/2023 VCS file icon VCS 1KB

Many electronic calendars, including Microsoft Outlook, cannot open vCalendars directly from a website when they contain more than one event. However, most will allow you to import the details if you save them to a file first.

When you click the download link, you will be prompted to Open or Save the vCalendar. You should select the Save option to save the events to a file.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, you can now use the File / Import and Export menu to read your saved file into your contacts database.

If you are using Novell Groupwise, use the File / Import Documents menu.

If you are using Lotus Notes, use the File / Import menu.

For further information on importing vCalendar (VCS / ICS) files into your email program, please refer to its online help.