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Council House Build Programme

Meeting: 13/07/2021 - Cabinet (Item 33)

33 Council House Build Programme

*                 Report of the Chief Executive.


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Cllr Phil Alford, Cabinet Member for Housing, Strategic Assets and Asset Transfer presented the report which (i) sought approval to proceed with developing a programme of opportunities for 3.3 and 3.4 of the Council House Build Programme (CHBP); (ii) provided an update on the current programmes associated with Phase 2, 3.1 and 3.2; and provided detail about the plans for review of the Council’s existing sheltered housing stock.


In presenting the report, Cllr Alford explained that since Cabinet approved Phase 1 build programme the Residential Development team has developed a Housing Estate and Development proposal, setting out the plan for growing the stock throughout the County. The Team has explored and implemented opportunities to deliver zero carbon homes in line with the Council’s climate emergency declaration and has been developing a programme to deliver the 1000 homes needed over the next 10 years. The report provided updates on the 3 phases that have been brought before Cabinet previously as well as introducing Phase 3.3 and Phase 3.4


Cllr Jerry Kunkler, Chair of the Environment Select Committee, confirmed that he and Cllr Bob Jones MBE, Vice-Chair of the Select Committee, received a briefing on the proposals on 9 July 2021.


In response to questions and comments from Cllr Dominic Muns; Cllr Chris Williams; Cllr Jacqui Lay; Cllr Bob Jones MBE and Cllr Richard Britton about (i) greater control in relation to the disposal of Housing Revenue Account (HRA) properties, and improved protections for HRA tenants; (ii) availability of sites in Ludgershall; (iii) the lack of social housing properties in the north of the county and an assessment of social housing locations to be undertaken by the Environment Select Committee; (iv) Housing Associations becoming profitable organisations and the need to improve the services provided; (v) some elements of the housing sector could be managed more efficiently; Cllr Alford explained that (i) the expansion of the HRA housing stock could influence higher standards of social housing in particular areas of the county; (ii) sites in Ludgershall could be considered further; and (iii) the Council has limited influence over other housing association providers; 


Cabinet considered the exempt information contained in the appendix to the report in Part II of the meeting before making a decision on the matter.




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