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Issue - meetings

PHNS Future Delivery Model

Meeting: 21/06/2022 - Cabinet (Item 52)

52 PHNS Future Delivery Model

*                 Report of the Chief Executive



Supporting documents:


Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Public Protection, Leisure, Libraries, Facilities Management and Operational Assets presented a report which provided information about the short term future of Wiltshire’s Public Health Nursing Services currently delivered by HCRG Care Group as part of Wiltshire’s Children’s Community Healthcare Services contract.


Cllr Blair-Pilling explained that the HCRG contract is a collaborative commissioning arrangement between the Council, NHS Bath and North-East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group, with a total value for 2020/21 of £13.6m. He reminded Cabinet that in March 2022 they agreed a further one-year contract to be negotiated with HCRG Care Group to enable due diligence of the options to be completed and for full consultation to be undertaken with children, young people and families if required. Taking the contracting period to 31March 2024.


The report presented 3 options that had been considered by the Wiltshire Locality Commissioning Groups, and it was agreed for an in-depth option appraisal of the options be undertaken. The Options Appraisal was included under Part II of this agenda and was available for the Cabinet to formally consider prior to and during the meeting. The Cabinet, in considering the overall report did not have questions on the Options Appraisal and therefore the meeting remained open to the press and public. It was noted that the preferred option was option 1a and following further consideration of the procurement options a modified version of this option was identified which was thought to be more favourable. 


Cllr Johnny Kidney, Chairman of the Health Select Committee, confirmed that the Health Select Committee had considered the report at its meeting on 7 June 2022. The Committee welcomed the proposals and was supportive of the Council and Clinical Commissioning Group issuing their own terms and conditions, and the report recommendations maintaining the benefits of an integrated service, whilst protecting the Council’s interests. The Committee were also given assurances that appropriate resources would be available for the commissioning work. 




That Cabinet agrees to:


·       undertake a single procurement of a combined universal and specialist children’s community health service with separate terms and conditions for the respective Council and CCG elements of the contract.


·       ensure a clear collaborative commissioning agreement is in place


·       strengthen the emphasis on PHNS-partnership and integration with non-health services through the commissioning process


·       delegate to the Director of Public Health and Director of Procurement & Commissioning in consultation with the Corporate Director of People and Corporate Director of Resources/Deputy Chief Executive to agree the award of a contract following the tendering process.


Reason for decision:


The contract with HCRG Care Group to deliver the Wiltshire Children’s Community Healthcare Service expires on 31 March 2024 following completion of an exceptional 1 year contract agreed at Cabinet on 29 March 2022. There is a need to decide on the provision of Public Health Nursing Services from 1 April 2024.






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