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Market Sustainability Plan

Meeting: 28/03/2023 - Cabinet (Item 25)

25 Market Sustainability Plan

Report of the Chief Executive


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Cllr Jane Davies Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, SEND, Transition and Inclusion presented a report providing an overview of the Council’s Market Sustainability Plan (MSP) for the 18+ domiciliary care and 65+ care home market which forms part of the local authorities’ conditions for receiving the Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Grant.


Cllr Gordon King, Vice-Chair of Health Select Committee confirmed the paper had been considered by the Committee on 28 February 2023. Cllr King stated that the paper was largely formulaic, however it was an area that needed funding with a need to ensure that the market was as sustainable as possible. It was stated that the Health Select Committee welcomed the Market Sustainability Plan.


Cllr Richard Clewer agreed that the paper was entirely formulaic and that it would be interesting to look back on in a year’s time.


Cllr Ian Thorn stated that this was a systemic problem across the entire country and that a way to resolve such an issue might be on a national level rather than local authorities receiving small grants. Cllr Thorn suggested that a potential way of resolving the issue might be to increase the pay for workers to attract more people into the market or to look to create more competition through providing more suppliers.


Cllr Clewer noted that the market is divided into three areas nationally, which were each dealing with problems differently, with rural areas south of Birmingham in a difficult position regarding care, metropolitan areas which had problems relating to housing and then the north, which was coping comparatively better. Cllr Clewer stated that there would be a risk if areas were to start competing and that the Economic Strategy was coming soon which would highlight critical areas.


Cllr Davies agreed that Wiltshire would always face challenges due to being a rural county and that it would be difficult to find care workers and manage care due to the mileage between locations.


At the conclusion of discussion, it was,




Cabinet noted the contents of the Wiltshire Council Market Sustainability Plan and approves the proposed areas of spend for the funding allocated.


Reason for decision:


The Market Sustainability Plan is required as part of the DHSC requirements for funding.