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New Term Highways Maintenance Contract - Results of Procurement Exercise

Meeting: 11/10/2022 - Cabinet (Item 98)

98 New Term Highways Maintenance Contract - Results of Procurement Exercise

   Report of the Chief Executive


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Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste, Street Scene and Flooding presented a report which provided detail about the award of the Term Highways Maintenance contract.


Cllr Dr McClelland reminded Cabinet that in January 2022 they agreed for the Director of Highways and Transport to invite tenders for a new supplier to provide the Term Highway Maintenance Services, and to report the results of the procurement exercise back to Cabinet.


Cabinet noted that the new contract will include the provision of routine highways maintenance, Parish Stewards, pothole repairs, winter gritting, street lighting and the implementation of safety and Local Highway and Footway Improvement Groups (LHFIG) schemes. It also includes the provision for additional spend on works funded through external bids, and the option to allow other Wiltshire Council services to order works through the contract.
The new contract will start on 1 April 2023. It is anticipated that annual expenditure through the contract is likely to be in the region of £15,000,000.


Cllr Jerry Kunkler, Chair of the Environment Select Committee confirmed that he, Cllr Bob Jones, Vice Chairman of the Environment Select Committee and Cllr Pip Ridout, Chairman of the Financial Planning Task Group received a briefing about Part 1 of this report on 7 October 2022. The briefing detailed the procurement process, and the new emphasis upon carbon reduction through the contract period was welcomed. They received reassurance that risks in relation to price and cost inflation had been identified and that actions are being undertaken to mitigate those risks. They welcomed the focus upon quality, and we heard about the quality assurance process. The Select Committee will continue to monitor this contract through the annual review of performance.

Cabinet noted that a list of three potential tenderers was prepared and evaluated by officers including detailed scoring and financial information. This information was contained in a Part II report considered at agenda item 14, with the press and public excluded.




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