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Air Quality Strategy for Wiltshire

Meeting: 13/12/2011 - Cabinet (Item 167)

167 Air Quality Strategy for Wiltshire

 Report by Maggie Rae - Corporate Director – Public Health & Wellbeing is circulated.

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Mrs E A Chettleburgh addressed Cabinet on this issue.


Cllr Keith Humphries, Cabinet member for Public Health and Protection Services presented the Council’s draft Air Quality Strategy for adoption. He gave a detailed power point presentation on air quality measures and the main points of the proposed Strategy. This would bring together strategies from the legacy councils taking into account new legislation.


The Strategy would provide high level guidance to inform policy and direction across a range of Council services with the aim of improving air quality. The Strategy included a 17 point action plan which identified improvements to collaborative working, information sharing and communication on air quality issues. Also included were 10 strategic objectives to secure better health outcomes for individuals and communities in Wiltshire.


Adoption of the Strategy would be a key step in the development of a consolidated Air Quality Action Plan for Wiltshire which would set out specific measures the Council intends to produce in pursuit of air quality objectives.


Cllr Humphries was thanked for his excellent presentation.




That the Air Quality Strategy be adopted.


Reason for decision


The Enforcement Act Part IV places a duty on Wiltshire Council to monitor and achieve the Air Quality Objectives contained in the National Air Quality Strategy and regulations. The Strategy contributes to discharging this duty and improving air quality in Wiltshire.