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Devizes Wharf Planning Brief

Meeting: 24/05/2011 - Cabinet (Item 63)

63 Devizes Wharf Planning Brief

 Report of the Corporate Director – Department of Neighbourhood & Planning is circulated.

Supporting documents:


Cllr Fleur de Rhe Philipe, Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Strategic Planning presented a report which sought Cabinet approval to consult on a draft Planning Brief for Devizes Wharf. 


The purpose of the Planning Brief was to help promote local ambitions for leisure and tourism based regeneration and growth at Devizes Wharf which had the potential to add to the vitality and viability of Devizes town centre.

The outcome of consultation would be reported to a future meeting of Cabinet when Cabinet would be asked to consider and agree any changes to the document as a result of the consultation. Cabinet would be asked to approve the document for onward recommendation to Council for adoption as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).


Cllr Mayes welcomed the document and commented that whilst it was very good and detailed asked that a simplified guide could be made available for the purposes of consultation. Cllr de Rhe Philipe agreed with this approach and for the process to involve Cllr Mayes. She also acknowledged that consultation on the document could be the subject of consideration at the forthcoming special meeting of Devizes Area Board.




That Cabinet:


i)              approve the process of consultation outlined in paragraphs 14 and 15 for the emerging draft Devizes Wharf Planning Brief;


ii)            approve the contents of the emerging draft Devizes Wharf Planning Brief (Appendix 1) for the purposes of consultation; and


iii)          delegate authority to the Corporate Director, Neighbourhood and Planning in consultation with the relevant Cabinet Member to make amendments to the draft Devizes Wharf Planning Brief (Appendix 1) to respond to comments raised by Cabinet and to prepare it for consultation purposes. 


Reason for decision:


Subject to the outcome of the consultation the intention is for the planning brief to be adopted by the Council as a Supplementary Planning Document within the Wiltshire Local Development Framework.