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Highways and Amenities Consultancy and Works Contract

Meeting: 15/11/2011 - Cabinet (Item 160)

160 Highways and Amenities Contracts

 Report of the Corporate Director – Operations is circulated


Supporting documents:


Councillor Jane Scott, Leader of the Council, presented the confidential report regarding the upcoming decisions for the Highways and Amenities contracts, which had been reviewed to consider future options for the service.




To agree with the recommendations as laid out in the report.


Reason for the decision


(i)              There is a need for specialist advice and support in connection with roads, bridges and related services, and this would be most economically provided by a Highways Consultancy Contract. 


(ii)             The specialist nature of most road and bridgeworks means that most of this work would be most economically provided by a suitable contractor. The opportunity should be taken to explore economies of scale and other potential benefits with a variety of options to provide the works elements of both the highways and amenities services. 


(iii)            An assessment of contractor and in-house provision will enable best value for money to be achieved for the Council.