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Superfast Broadband - Approval to Enter a Contract

Meeting: 15/11/2011 - Cabinet (Item 154)

154 Wiltshire Online Project - Update and Award of Call-Off Contract

 Report of the Corporate Director for Children & Education is circulated


Supporting documents:


Cllr John Thomson Cabinet member for Adult Care, Communities and Housing presented the report.  The report updated Cabinet on progress made towards the implementation of a procurement solution to deliver the ‘Wiltshire Online’ Project and sought approval to delegate the award of a local call-off contract using the nationally approved Framework of Suppliers.


The aim of the project is to bring superfast broadband to homes and businesses across the County.  Cabinet expressed their strong support for this project.





That Cabinet:


a)     notes the progress made towards delivering the ‘Wiltshire Online Project’.


b)     notes the use of the National Framework Contract currently being developed by Broadband Delivery UK and the subsequent local ‘Call Off’ contract leading to the appointment of an approved supplier.


c)     delegates the award of the Call-Off Contract to the Corporate Director Children’s Services, following consultation with the Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Communities and Housing, the Cabinet Member Resources, the Solicitor to the Council and the Chief Finance Officer.


d)     authorises the Corporate Director Children’s Services toissue certificates under the Local Government (Contracts) Act 1997 in relation to the Call-Off Contract if required by the supplier.


e)     authorises the Solicitor to the Council to execute under Council Seal all contract documentation in relation to the Wiltshire Online Project.


Reason for Decision


Stimulating investment into the Wiltshire Broadband infrastructure is a corporate priority.  The Council approved vision is for Wiltshire to be a digitally inclusive County, supporting infrastructure projects, access to online services and the ability of citizens and businesses to be confident users and maximise the benefits which being online can bring.


To achieve this vision it is necessary to invest in the major infrastructure delivering broadband services and the actions in the proposal will ensure that formal arrangements with a preferred supplier can be concluded to ensure the delivery of the project to the corporate target of 2015.