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Corporate Plan

Meeting: 23/03/2010 - Cabinet (Item 48)

Corporate Plan

Report by the Service Director, Policy, Research and Communications


The Leader presented the Council’s draft Corporate Plan for Cabinet’s consideration with a view to approving the Plan for onward recommendation for its adoption by Annual Council in May 2010.  The Plan covered the period 2010-2014 although it was noted that it would be reviewed and refreshed annually . The Plan incorporated comments and feedback received on the first draft following initial consideration by Cabinet in October 2009.


The Plan included the nine priorities previously agreed by Cabinet namely:


·        Work in partnership to support vulnerable individuals and families

·        Increase opportunities to help young people achieve their potential

·        Local, open, honest decision-making

·        Improve our roads and road safety

·        Support the local economy

·        Meet housing needs

·        Reduce our environmental impact

·        Achieve savings, be more efficient and ensure we deliver value for money 

·        Focus on our customers and improve access to our services


Under each priority, a small number of key outcomes had been identified to be achieved over the next four years. The Leader requested that the order of priorities be reviewed to ensure that services to people was given the highest priority.


The overarching vision ‘create stronger and more resilient communities’ and the following three key three goals would remain the same:  


o       High quality, low cost, customer focused services

o       Local, open, honest decision making and,

o       Work together to support Wiltshire’s communities   


The covering report of the Service Director, Policy, Research and Communications explained that the Council was changing and developing rapidly and faced many varied challenges ahead. The core business of the council and the relationship it has with the community would change radically over the next few years. It was therefore vital that the Council planned how it would manage these challenges and communicates its vision, goals and priorities.


The Plan would be closely linked to other documents and processes most notably, a new Business Plan for the Council, the Medium Term Financial Plan, the Local Area Agreement and Local Agreement for Wiltshire, the Comprehensive Area Assessment and would influence the Cabinet’s forward work plan.


Cllr Jeff Osborn, Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Resources Select Committee reported that his Committee would be considering the Corporate Plan at its meeting on 25 March 2010. It was agreed that the outcome of Scrutiny’s consideration be presented to Cabinet at its meeting on 20 April with the final draft of the Plan to enable Cabinet to consider any recommendations arising out Scrutiny’s consideration prior to submitting the Plan to Council for adoption.




(a)   That the order of priorities be reviewed giving services to people the  highest priority and that Cabinet consider the Corporate Plan as amended at its meeting on 20 April 2010 to include the outcome of consideration of the Plan by the Overview and Scrutiny Resources Select Committee prior to the Plan being submitted to Council on 18 May 2010 for adoption.


(b)  That Cabinet notes the next steps necessary to disseminate the Corporate plan internally and externally and to develop departmental delivery plans.


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