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Budget Monitoring

Meeting: 17/04/2012 - Cabinet (Item 62)

62 Budget Monitoring

Report of the Chief Finance Officer is circulated


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Cllr John Brady, Cabinet Member for Finance Performance and Risk, introduced a report which advised Members of the revenue budget monitoring position as at the end of Period 11 (February 2012) for the financial year 2011/12 and highlighted significant cost pressure and changes since the last report on 15 February 2012.


Cllr Brady referred to the need to reduce the use of cash, in view of the high cost of processing cash (around 20p per £100).  The majority of cash came in from Leisure and Car Parking services, and alternatives were being considered, including direct debit and paying for parking by phone.  Cllr Jon Hubbard made reference to the use of Paypoint, and a misleading message on Paypoint machines saying they could be used to pay Council Tax; this was not currently the case in Wiltshire. 


It was clarified that the overspend on Communications and Branding related to a drop in projected income from sponsorship, some of which had been offset by savings elsewhere in the service.  Some sponsorship deals were in the pipeline but would come into the 2012/13 budget, where the budgeted figure had been amended to reflect the current economic climate.


Referring to Bad Debt Provision, Cllr Brady also noted the Council’s excellent record in Council Tax collection rates.




Cabinet noted the outcome of the Period 11 (February) budget monitoring and the update movements since the previous report in February.


Reason for Decision


To inform effective decision making and to ensure a sound financial control environment.