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Addressing Alcohol and Drugs in the Community

Meeting: 17/04/2012 - Cabinet (Item 59)

59 Addressing Alcohol and Drugs in the Community

 Report of the Corporate Director of Public Health and Public Protection is circulated

Supporting documents:


Cllr Keith Humphries, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Protection Services, introduced a report which provided an update on actions to reduce alcohol and drug-related harms in Wiltshire and to outline improvements in the performance of specialist substance misuse services.  The report also outlined the strategic changes affecting the commissioning of these services, including plans to tender an integrated community substance misuse treatment and care service for adults.


Cllr Humphries referred to the on-going work and success stories listed at page 37-39 of the report, commenting that this was bringing in extra funding of £115,000.  Reference was also made to work in schools and with youth workers to educate young people on the risks of alcohol and drugs.  Concern was raised that some of the problems were hidden, particularly in rural communities, and more work was needed to identify and address these health risks.


Councillors also referred to the problems caused by the availability of cheap alcohol, in particular spirits.


It was noted that the report had been considered by the Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee; Councillors were pleased to note that the report had taken on board the Select Committee’s comments that the procurement process should consider separate tenders for individual services, alongside tenders for combined services.


The Leader asked that confirmation be sought as to whether any services and funding from this service area would transfer to the new Police Commissioner after November 2012.




That Cabinet:


  1. Receives this update on the importance and progress in addressing alcohol and drug problems in Wiltshire;
  2. Agrees in principle to the proposal to undertake a tendering process to provide an integrated adult drug and alcohol treatment and care service;
  3. Delegates authority of consideration of a procurement options paper to the Corporate Director in consultation with the Cabinet Member; and
  4. Delegates authority to execute the contracts resulting from this tendering activity to Maggie Rae, Corporate Director of Public Health and Public Protection, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder, Solicitor to the Council and the Chief Financial Officer.


Reasons for Decision


Wiltshire Council is a key partner in the Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership which holds responsibility for addressing alcohol and drugs issues.  From April 2013, the Public Health team will bring responsibility for commissioning alcohol and drug treatment with it on transfer to the Council.