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Contaminated Land Strategy for Wiltshire

Meeting: 24/05/2010 - Cabinet (Item 85)

85 Wiltshire Council Inspection Strategy for Contaminated Land

Report of the Corporate Joint Director for Public Health & Wellbeing is circulated.


Supporting documents:


Declaration of Interest


Cllr Toby Sturgis declared a personal interest in this item due to the possibility that land in his ownership may be considered to be contaminated.



Cllr Keith Humphries, Cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing presented a report which gave details of the proposed Contaminated Land Strategy for Wiltshire. The Strategy as presented would replace the 4 separate strategies previously operated by the former Wiltshire district councils with one unified document.




That Cabinet adopt the Contaminated Land Strategy for Wiltshire Council as presented.


Reason for Decision:


To comply with the Environment Act 1995 which places a duty on Wiltshire Council to develop and adopt a contaminated land strategy for its administrative area.